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"Over the years we have had birds, wasps, spiders and other things coming down that chimney.  Then I discovered the Chimney Draught Stopper, fantastic, nice and thick, seals very well and stays in place. Very happy with this product, would highly recommend."
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Jeff H.
Draught Dodgers Success
"I purchased a couple of Draught Dodgers for my home a few months ago, so this is now my second purchase and will be used for my daughter's home in Canberra. Excellent product and easy to install."
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David B.
Cold Damp Gone!
"Very impressed with the "goodbye heating vents" pack. Easy to cut foam to size, add the fluff, slot in and seal. Overnight LITERALLY the damp is gone from the house. It's a few degrees warmer too. 5 stars."
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Autumn O.
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