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Insider secrets # 11

Check Your Pipes – “Out Of Sight” Should Not Mean “Out Of Mind”

by | Aug 12, 2020 | Doors & Windows, Draughts, Insider Secrets

Pipe penetrations can be found in cupboards, bathroom and ensuite vanities and possibly in your laundry cupboard. They are usually large holes to accommodate the pipes, which have been cut oversized leaving large gaps even after the pipes have been fitted.

Traditionally the “household way” is to stuff the gap with steel wool to keep out rodents. This is mildly effective in terms of draught-proofing but it does tend to rust of time.

A better way to seal these pipe penetration gaps is with a sealant. For a smaller hole, I’d suggest HB Fullers Ultraclear (also known as Fulaseal). It is very easy to use and you can clean it up with water. But for massive holes, you need something more flexible, so I would suggest silicone. Silicone can be used with a silicone spreader, which is not very expensive, and you can clean up with some tissues or newspaper.

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