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Draught Proofing Your Home In Winter


50 Shades Of Shading!

50 Shades Of Shading!

Insider secrets # 18With summer just around the corner, we looked at a good way, a better way and the best way to shade our windows from the sun, so...

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How to Install a Chimney Draught Stopper
Draught Stoppa
UltraClear – Wall Vents
UltraClear – Draughty Floor Vent
UltraClear – Skirting Boards Gap
EMV – How to install on a door
RP2A – How to Install
Double Hung Windows – How to Install
How to Install Draught Dodgers on an Awning Window
Invisible Pelmets WAW
Invisible Pelmets Installation


Draught Proofing Your Home In Winter

Beginner DIYers

Invisible Pelmets Kit

For Advanced DIYers