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At ecoMaster, we have invested over 30+ years in researching, developing, testing, trialling and selling energy efficiency product for homes and small businesses. We are here to share our knowledge and expertise and our courses are packed full of tips and tricks you won’t find anywhere else.
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Practical Training

All of our training is provided with you in mind. Whether you are a beginner DIYer or highly skilled Tradie, we have tailored our advice and instructions accordingly.
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Interesting Quizzes

At the end of your course, you get a chance to test your knowledge and understanding with one of our simple quizzes. Who doesn’t love doing a quiz!
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Read. Watch. Do. At Your Own Pace

Videos. Information. Clear and simple instructions. Easy to understand language (none of the fancy talk). Case studies and real-life examples to show you how it will look in your home, before you start.

Our Most Popular Courses

We ask our community on Facebook what they wanted to learn the most, then we developed courses specifically designed on their questions. So we already know the content in our courses is what you have already been asking yourself. Enjoy the process of learning and doing something great for the planet (and your home energy bills).
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Be in the know, with the know-how from the experts, to make real, measurable, and sustainable energy efficiency changes to your home.

We have done all the research, testing and trialing for you. Take advantage of our 30+ years in the industry and fast track your knowledge and skills in all areas of home energy efficiency DIY projects.
Maurice Beinat
Maurice Beinat — Co-Founder & Chief Trainer, ecoMaster
Build Practical Skills
So you want to know how you can make your home more energy efficient and save $$$ on those energy bills? Perfect – you are in the right place. ecoMaster Training Academy is the best place to learn how to assess where to start and how to make some simple improvements to your home. You will become an ecoMaster in no time!
Love online learning, but want some people support too?
We have recorded over 250 videos for every step of the process from how to choose the products you need, how to install, and how to troubleshoot. We also have a stack of information and free resources to help you in our courses, so you will always be able to find the answer to any question. And of course, we are here help anytime. Just ask.
Learn From The Experts (who are also home owners)
So we get how the cost of running a home can really add up. We learned that the hard way and after some particularly heavy energy bills, we were inspired to turn things around. So we converted our own home into a ‘test house’ and went to work – room by room, inside and then outside and gradually one step at a time, we have managed to make significant, measurable and sustainable changes to our homes. And we enjoy the extra cash in our household budget now too. When friends come over, they alway comment how warm our house is in winter and cool in summer and forever asking us how we did it!  The answer is … everything we teach in our courses, so you can get results just like we did, without all the research and time we spent.

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What Our Students Have to Say

I loved the ecoMaster course in How To Assess My Home For Draughts. After the course, I could get all the products I needed and the How To videos were perfect for a budding DIYer like me. Thanks guys
 Ali Fowler

Ali Fowler

Founder - World Project Partners

From Macedon, VIC, AUS
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Customer 2

Customer 2

From Australia

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With over 500,000+ Youtube views, 20,000 homes retrofitted and a gazillion home assessments, ecoMaster are truly Australia’s home energy efficiency experts.  We have an online store with all your product needs, so check us out.