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Heatwaves are deemed to be the deadliest form of natural hazard in Australia. Severe heat can cause several illnesses which include dehydration, heat stress, and heat stroke. Heatwaves can also worsen pre-existing diseases like lung, heart, and kidney diseases. In extreme conditions, heatwaves can cause death. During one of the largest heatwave that struck Australia in [...]

Reduce Global Carbon Footprint. Plant A Tree with ecoMaster

Did you know that the average home’s carbon emissions equals 67 trees every year? When the ecoMaster team learned how much the average household carbon footprint add up to every year, we decided to take the amazing work we do even further, to be absolutely sure that we’re taking responsibility for our eco footprint. So, [...]

Cold Air Coming Through Windows in Winter

Is your house excessively cold in winter? One of the possible reasons why your home has poor thermal comfort could be that you have leaky windows.  Everyone understands that some windows leak water – what many people don’t appreciate is that some windows leak air!   A window surround (or window reveal) with cracks and [...]

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Lighting fixtures and ceiling insulation may have completely different functions and purposes but these two components must complement each other in ensuring the safety and comfort inside a building. Here are three essential information you need to know about Insulation Contact (IC)-rated recessed downlights: 1. IC rating is a yardstick that tells consumers that a [...]

There are plenty of chilly days ahead of us, even if you are reading this in the middle of summer. So how do you keep warm in winter without blowing up your energy bills? The most sensible step to achieving thermal comfort is to renovate one’s home to make it more energy efficient. That is, [...]

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Does your home often get incredibly hot in summer and uncomfortably cold in winter? The Australian climate can change invariably from one day to the next but a home that doesn’t achieve a stable thermal comfort is not normal. You might need to take a step back to meticulously assess your home’s thermal performance to [...]

Underfloor Insulation for Timber Floors

They may be just minor openings from afar, but gaps in your hardwood floors can have a huge impact to your home’s indoor temperature, and overall thermal comfort. Continue reading to learn more about how gaps exist in your floorboards, and how you can prevent them from affecting your comfort in extremes of weather. Why [...]

Hydronic heating system (also called in-slab hydronic floor heating) is an excellent energy-saving heating method.  It uses wall mounted panels to gently release heat into your rooms. Some homeowners prefer hydronic heating over reverse cycle air conditioning (blows air around the living space), and ceiling mounted ducting (blasts air into the room) because of its [...]

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If you’re nearing retirement or are relocating your aging parents to your current home, it is essential to consider the challenges that come with aging to give them a comfortable home life! One of the necessary improvements you have to make in your house to make it more elderly-friendly is your thermal comfort, or indoor [...]

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In winter time, blocking the entry of drafts from all parts of the home is vital in ensuring that your indoor temperature remains cosy no matter how freezing it is outside. Note that all homes, regardless of whether they are old or new, can be prone to drafts. The cold air (as well as warm [...]

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Strapping. Gluing. Friction-Fitting. Nailing. Wiring … Here’s why you’ll only ever find us stapling insulation under your floor. Stapling insulation is the best way to ensure your bulk insulation withstands the test of time. While other bulk insulations like fibreglass has loose fibres that won’t hold a staple, the strong and heat-bonded fibres of the [...]

Frameless Windows

Weatherproofing your home is a wise step an increasing number of homeowners are taking to improve their thermal comfort in winter and summer. If you want to avoid losing your expensive heating to outdoor temperatures and lessen the time you need to run your air conditioning, sealing those unwanted gaps and cracks, as well as [...]

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The Right Temperature for BabyA room that’s too hot can expose your little one to overheating. On the other hand, a room that is extremely cold increases your baby’s risk of catching infections like cold or flu. The key to keeping your baby’s nursery cosy this winter is to maintain a balanced room temperature to [...]

insulating existing house for retirement

Are you planning to retire soon? You’ve probably imagined your retirement years to be a picture of you and your spouse; older, wiser, with silver hair, sitting on the balcony on a slow Sunday afternoon, looking across the garden while recounting the memories of years gone by. The question is, will you be able to [...]

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Is your home freezing in winter? Does it feel like a huge oven inside when summer comes around? Equal indoor and outdoor temperatures, despite air conditioning attempts, is a sign of air leaks occurring through your windows (and other areas in your home as well).   If you want to win your thermal comfort back, [...]

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Australians pay among the world’s highest electricity prices. Power bills are expected soar even higher in the succeeding years. About 60 percent of the energy consumption of a typical household comes from heating and cooling the home. What most homeowners don’t realise is that a draughty home (an uninsulated home with gaps and cracks in [...]

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Outside air can come through various parts of the house where there is an opening, no matter how big or small. An abundance of these gaps and cracks around your windows, architraves, floorboards, and the sides of your air vents can negatively affect your thermal comfort. Because air can easily escape through them, keeping your [...]

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Does your home get excessively cold and draughty every time winter sets in? We can’t always blame the Australian weather for this discomfort. What we have found contributes to experiencing a deep, biting cold may be the presence of gaps and openings in the different parts of your house! The type of windows you have [...]

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Winter in Australia can get tremendously cold on some days. As temperatures are expected to drop steeply in the coming days, here are pointers to keep you warm throughout winter without spending too much on heating. Wear The Right Garment Throwing on multiple thin layers is key in surviving Australian winter. Particularly, choose layers like [...]

invisible pelmets placed on top of curtain rails

They may appear to be just ordinary strips of acrylic placed on top of curtain rails but invisible pelmets play a role so significant in maintaining the thermal efficiency of your windows. Beside its great functionality, invisible pelmets are cheap, easy to customise according to your windows’ specifications and are absolutely DIY-friendly. What do these [...]