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Old heritage homes may be stunning and highly valuable in the housing market, but they offer a different dilemma to their owners: Renovating them is hard work and they are expensive to maintain! Among the most difficult aspects to improve and maintain in almost all heritage homes, whether it be a Victorian, Edwardian, or a [...]

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A well-planned home retrofit plan that puts your comfort and financial situation first can improve the quality of your life for years ahead. Here are five good reasons why upgrading your insulation and draught proofing your home is the most sensible thing to do in summer: 1. Retrofitting your home for thermal efficiency helps lower [...]

draught dodgers, ecoGlaze and polyester rolls are 3 home retrofit solutions that will save you thousands

Are you looking for cost-effective home retrofit solutions that will help you lower your annual energy cost while increasing your thermal efficiency all year round? Firstly, exactly how much can you save?   From personal experience, our total bill reduced by 84%.  And that was before solar panels were installed! The significance  is the size of [...]

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Are you looking at upgrading your thermal comfort in summer and winter? You don’t have to look far and wide. The solution you need may be right underneath your floorboards! Installing insulation under your house can give a massive lift in your home’s thermal efficiency. An insulated floor protects your home from unwanted heat gain [...]

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Having problems with tenant retention? You might need to carefully assess how your property is performing in terms of thermal comfort. Most tenants are concerned with the level of thermal and energy efficiency they are getting from their rentals. It doesn’t matter how your property sits in a strategic location in the city or suburb. [...]

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As temperatures begin to rise in Australia, we are being encouraged to retrofit our homes for thermal efficiency to stay cool amid the heatwave conditions and to lower our energy consumption. This came after the Australian Bureau of Meteorology tweeted on 16 January 2019 that their office had just recorded Australia’s top ten warmest days. [...]

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Fireplaces provides warmth and a comforting ambiance during the colder months. But on normal days, other than giving your living room a rustic vibe, unused chimneys are gigantic holes that remove conditioned air from your home and let in the outside air in a very uncontrolled manner. This is why draught-proofing a chimney is imperative [...]

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When the colder months set in, many turn to their fireplace for a warm refuge. Indeed, nothing beats a crackling fire in keeping the whole family toasty amid a frigid Aussie winter. However, when not in use, an open chimney can become a thermal nuisance if you’re working hard to maintain your home at comfortable [...]

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The long-standing enemy of thermal efficiency is the gaps and cracks present in a home. To rule out any misconceptions, ALL HOMES, regardless of type, age, and location, are plagued with these in various areas and to various degrees. All homes can be affected by drafts. The greater the amount of gaps and cracks, the [...]

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Is your house excessively cold in winter? One of the possible reasons why your home has poor thermal comfort could be that you have leaky windows.  Everyone understands that some windows leak water – what many people don’t appreciate is that some windows leak air!   A window surround (or window reveal) with cracks and [...]

Loose, rattling windows can cause massive inconvenience.  If you have them in your home, you’ve probably lost sleep to these noisy windows everytime a truck runs past your home. Or perhaps maintaining comfortable temperatures in your home is hard work because air is leaking in and out of your problematic windows. Windows rattle because of [...]

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Are you confident that your home can protect you from summer heatwaves? Are you sick of skyrocketing energy bills every time summer rolls around? Get greater thermal comfort all year round without exhausting your energy and money. Here are five energy-efficient ways to make your home summer-ready for years to come! 1. Clean your air [...]

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For reasons associated with user convenience and accessibility, gas heating is widely used among Australian households to keep their living spaces toasty warm in the colder months. Many homeowners have preferred gas because it distributes heat instantly throughout the rooms and adjusting the temperatures to comfortable levels is easy. But in recent years, gas heating has [...]

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That comfort comes with a hefty price tag, is one of the most common sentiments that Australian households share. Such sentiment rings especially true during the summer, and winter seasons when indoor temperatures become difficult to control. It is during these times when households rely heavily on their electrical appliances to bring in, and sustain [...]

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Heatwaves are deemed to be the deadliest form of natural hazard in Australia. Severe heat can cause several illnesses which include dehydration, heat stress, and heat stroke. Heatwaves can also worsen pre-existing diseases like lung, heart, and kidney diseases. In extreme conditions, heatwaves can cause death. During one of the largest heatwave that struck Australia in [...]

Reduce Global Carbon Footprint. Plant A Tree with ecoMaster

Did you know that the average home’s carbon emissions equals 67 trees every year? When the ecoMaster team learned how much the average household carbon footprint add up to every year, we decided to take the amazing work we do even further, to be absolutely sure that we’re taking responsibility for our eco footprint. So, [...]

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Lighting fixtures and ceiling insulation may have completely different functions and purposes but these two components must complement each other in ensuring the safety and comfort inside a building. Here are three essential information you need to know about Insulation Contact (IC)-rated recessed downlights: 1. IC rating is a yardstick that tells consumers that a [...]

There are plenty of chilly days ahead of us, even if you are reading this in the middle of summer. So how do you keep warm in winter without blowing up your energy bills? The most sensible step to achieving thermal comfort is to renovate one’s home to make it more energy efficient. That is, [...]

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Does your home often get incredibly hot in summer and uncomfortably cold in winter? The Australian climate can change invariably from one day to the next but a home that doesn’t achieve a stable thermal comfort is not normal. You might need to take a step back to meticulously assess your home’s thermal performance to [...]

Underfloor Insulation for Timber Floors

They may be just minor openings from afar, but gaps in your hardwood floors can have a huge impact to your home’s indoor temperature, and overall thermal comfort. Continue reading to learn more about how gaps exist in your floorboards, and how you can prevent them from affecting your comfort in extremes of weather. Why [...]