Some days in an Australian winter can be unpredictably cold.  Chilling wind blasts are becoming more common with high winds and freezing temperatures.  During those times, does your house get TOO COLD that it almost feels like you’ve been teleported to the Antarctic region? Are you dealing with the frustration that even after exhausting all [...]

insulating existing house for retirement

Are you planning to retire soon? You’ve probably imagined your retirement years to be a picture of you and your spouse; older, wiser, with silver hair, sitting on the balcony on a slow Sunday afternoon, looking across the garden while recounting the memories of years gone by. The question is, will you be able to [...]

Is your home freezing in winter? Does it feel like a huge oven inside when summer comes around? Equal indoor and outdoor temperatures, despite air conditioning attempts, is a sign of air leaks occurring through your windows (and other areas in your home as well).   If you want to win your thermal comfort back, [...]

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Australians pay among the world’s highest electricity prices. Power bills are expected soar even higher in the succeeding years. About 60 percent of the energy consumption of a typical household comes from heating and cooling the home. What most homeowners don’t realise is that a draughty home (an uninsulated home with gaps and cracks in [...]


Outside air can come through various parts of the house where there is an opening, no matter how big or small. An abundance of these gaps and cracks around your windows, architraves, floorboards, and the sides of your air vents can negatively affect your thermal comfort. Because air can easily escape through them, keeping your [...]

Does your home get excessively cold and draughty every time winter sets in? We can’t always blame the Australian weather for this discomfort. What we have found contributes to experiencing a deep, biting cold may be the presence of gaps and openings in the different parts of your house! The type of windows you have [...]

Winter in Australia can get tremendously cold on some days. As temperatures are expected to drop steeply in the coming days, here are pointers to keep you warm throughout winter without spending too much on heating. Throwing on multiple thin layers is key in surviving Australian winter. Particularly, choose layers like polyester, wool, or nylon [...]

They may appear to be just ordinary strips of acrylic placed on top of curtain rails but invisible pelmets play a role so significant in maintaining the thermal efficiency of your windows. Beside its great functionality, invisible pelmets are cheap, easy to customise according to your windows’ specifications and are absolutely DIY-friendly. What do these [...]

Do most of your rooms (bedrooms, lounge rooms, bath, and kitchen) become uncomfortably cold during winter? Are you growing frustrated that your home just won’t get warm despite having a heating system in place? Your leaky windows might be the culprit that are letting in an excess of cold air throughout the rooms in your [...]

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  The Cost / Comfort equation is used to visually determine whether the energy efficiency in your home is leaning towards comfort or cost. You can see in this chart that increasing comfort goes up the vertical axis.  In this context, we are talking about comfort within your own home during times of summer heat [...]

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Your underfloor area needs the same level of protection from unwanted heat exchange as your ceiling. In the winter time, a house with a poorly insulated underfloor can experience excessive coldness and discomfort because draught can easily permeate through the floors. This often results in a difficulty in creating balanced indoor temperatures. As an advocate [...]

Polyester Rolls sitting on a floor; Freezing winter outside

Excessive ventilation and an abundance of air spaces are the leading factors why a home can never lock in warmth and sustain a comfortable indoor temperature. This then leads to a cycle of uncontrollable heat and cold exchange which only causes you to using more energy than necessary to strike a balanced temperature. The good [...]

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Winter is washing over Australia again in a couple of weeks. Gauging your home’s thermal efficiency in recent years, are you confident that your home is able to keep you warm and comfortable throughout the season without punching holes in your pocket? Bringing in, and retaining, the heat to counter the effects of the freezing [...]

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Thermal efficiency is a common area of concern shared among residents of decades-old homes in Australia. Due to the lack of thermal efficiency concepts, techniques, and technologies back in the day, these households still make use of traditional cooling and heating systems which unfortunately require too much energy leading to mounting energy bills but not [...]


The bathroom is known as one of the notorious sources of unwanted moisture or draught among all the areas inside every house. When not monitored and controlled, excessive moisture levels in the bathroom may contribute to unstable overall temperature of the home which is bad news if you’re concentrating on making your home energy efficient. [...]

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The journey of 45 members of the Business Blueprint group commenced on 16 April 2018 as they flew all the way to Bangkok, Thailand for this year’s Hands Across the Water Charity Bike Ride. The event will run until 23 April. For the fifth time in a row, the group will cycle 500 kilometers through [...]

The first day of the Hands Across the Water Charity Bike Ride 2018 saw a promising and fulfilling start. Cycling 90 kilometers from the seaside district of Hua Hin all the way to Kui Buri district was no easy feat for the 48 riders of the Business Blueprint group. A feeling of nervousness was the [...]

26th March used to be just a plain and ordinary day for us until 2017. Charity had taken an entirely different meaning this time last year for ecoMaster founders Lyn and Maurice Beinat when they participated for the first time in the Hands Across The Water Charity Bike Ride. It has been a profoundly humbling [...]

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It’s no surprise to anyone living in central Victoria that our winters are very cold. Most of our homes are quite hard to heat and then retain that heat. We resort to using a lot of winter fuel to try to heat our homes, and often, they are STILL not cosy!  If you are tired [...]

Its natural to be concerned about compression, water and the fire rating of polyester insulation, but don't worry, we've got you covered. In this video, ecoMaster's Chief Technical Officer, Maurice Beinat, puts polyester insulation to the test. See how this product holds up against water, flame, tearing and compression.  Decide for yourself what's the most durable and [...]