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Our COVID-19 update. We are still open for business, helping our customers in new and different ways to ensure you can continue to make your homes more energy efficient, which is more important than ever now.

From 17 April 2020, we have ceased our in-home installation services for Sydney and Melbourne for draught-proofing, ceiling and underfloor insulation.

We do however have amazing offers for Stay At Home DIY projects with same or next day delivery of underfloor and ceiling insulation product in Melbourne and Sydney  customers.

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Lyn + Maurice Beinat, Founders – ecoMaster

At ecoMaster we help make homes energy efficient through education and olffering DIY solutions that have stood the test of time. We help you reduce energy costs, improve comfort and support the planet in simple and affordable ways.

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Stay At Home DIY Projects 

Draught Proof Your Home This Winter

Beginner DIYers

For Advanced DIYers

Meet The Expert

Maurice Beinat, Co-Founder ecoMaster, Host of ecoMasterClass – A Free Resource Library for Passionate DIYers


Over 17 years experience in making homes more energy efficient


Creator of the eco Home Assessment , still regarded the only home assessment that gives you real solutions


Chief designer and developer of ecoMaster products – because of a huge passion is to develop, new effective and long lasting and affordable products for every home in Australia


The guy in front of over 100 videos (he loves doing them!) designed specifically to help customers in their homes


It actually halved our winter heating bill, it came down from about $1,600 to $800.”

… We just wanted to be more comfortable in the house… just to operate in all areas of the house more comfortably.”

The DIY Energy Efficient Home Project

Here is an our digital that explains what we did to our home over the course of a few years to make it the energy efficient home that it is now. You can do this too.

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How To Winter-Proof Your French Doors

How To Winter-Proof Your French Doors

It’s in winter that you particularly start to notice draughts in your home.  There are often many leaks in a home but it only takes a few for a draught to enter and affect your indoor temperature.  External doors are typically among the sources of draught in a home....

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DIY Projects: Ensuite/Bathroom Improvements

DIY Projects: Ensuite/Bathroom Improvements

Ensuite/Bathroom Improvements There is a longish story of evolution in our ensuite (bathroom). There’s a little bit of an echo in here because there is no external opening to this room. You can see behind me that we can see straight out the back, but that’s because...

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DIY Projects: Zoning out the Bathrooms

DIY Projects: Zoning out the Bathrooms

Zoning Out the Bathrooms When we heat our home, it’s a good idea, not to heat areas that you don’t really need to heat. And for us, it’s zoning out the wet areas. It’s the laundry, toilet, and bathrooms. We treat the doors (as in draught-proof them) and keep them...

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Existing Australian Homes Become More Energy Efficient

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