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We help you make your home more energy and thermally efficient, so it is comfortable all year round, has tiny energy bills and minimal carbon emissions.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned retrofitter, we have a full range of great quality products with step-by-step video instructions to make it easy.   Order from our online store here.

All of our orders are delivered to your door for your convenience.  We do offer two locations for collection of insulation only orders – one in Melbourne and one in Sydney.  Insulation can also be delivered to just about any location around Australia.

How to Get a Great Result from Your Retrofit:

There is a growing series of ecoMasterclasses to help you get started.  In these practical online classes, we share our depth of knowledge gained in retrofitting thousands of homes over the last two decades with you.  You get maximum bang for your buck, without all the mistakes normally made when learning and doing something for the first time.

As recognition of the value of our “in the trenches” experience, the ecoMaster Youtube channel is the fastest growing energy efficiency Youtube channel in the country.  You can search by topic to find the answers you need.  If you can’t find what you are looking for, send us an email here.

Assessments and Installations:

Whilst ecoMaster is well known and recognised for our high quality assessment and installation services, to protect the well being of our team we no longer offer face-to-face services.   If you are wanting assessment or installation services, drop us an email. We may be able to direct you to an appropriate person or business in your area.

Lyn + Maurice Beinat, Founders – ecoMaster

At ecoMaster we help make homes energy efficient through education and offering DIY solutions that have stood the test of time. We help you reduce energy costs, improve comfort and support the planet in simple and affordable ways.

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Meet The Expert

Maurice Beinat, Co-Founder ecoMaster, Host of ecoMasterClass – A Free Resource Library for Passionate DIYers


Over 17 years experience in making homes more energy efficient


Creator of the eco Home Assessment , still regarded the only home assessment that gives you real solutions


Chief designer and developer of ecoMaster products – because of a huge passion is to develop, new effective and long lasting and affordable products for every home in Australia


The guy in front of over 100 videos (he loves doing them!) designed specifically to help customers in their homes


It actually halved our winter heating bill, it came down from about $1,600 to $800.”

… We just wanted to be more comfortable in the house… just to operate in all areas of the house more comfortably.”

The DIY Energy Efficient Home Project Magazine

Here is our digital magazine that explains what we did to our home over the course of a few years to make it the energy efficient home that it is now. You can do this too.

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Existing Australian Homes Become More Energy Efficient

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