Become An ecoMaster Distributor

If you are looking for a new career or to develop a new skill set and learn about home energy efficiency trends and solutions and all the while, make a positive contribution to reducing climate change, join our ecoMaster Distributor team – apply below.

Our Distributor program is designed for individuals, NFP + Sustainability Groups and franchise businesses who want to, or are, currently helping Australian homes and businesses become more energy-efficient and reduce their energy bills.

We are Australia’s leading energy efficiency experts and have been doing this work for over 20 years.

We have the best and most extensive training courses and video libraries on everything from draught-proofing, ceiling and underfloor insulation to how to stop those pesky gaps and cracks in your walls, floors and windows stopping you from enjoying a cool home in Summer and a warm home in Winter.

We have tested over 1,000 different products and now have a short list of 100+ products that form the ‘best of the best’ solutions for any home or small commercial building. 

As a Distributor, you will have access to an additional range of products not available to the public. In addition, you will be able to access world class online training plus support from one of Australia’s most experienced energy efficiency retrofitters (subject to Fair Use policy).

Lyn and Maurice Beinat, founders of the award-winning ecoMaster, are passionate people working hard to educate, help and support Australian homeowners, tradies, practitioners, community organisations and business owners to get the best thermal energy efficient outcomes and reduce the costs of Australian living, all year round.

Become a Distributor with Australia’s leading energy experts today.

Apply below and we will arrange an interview to answer your questions directly with one of the team. 

So don’t wait… our planet needs you!