Fantastic punctual very friendly professional and cleaned up spot on

David Wellings


William Heath

Punctual, respectful, as quiet as possible which was important for me as I work from home. Mindful of the cat. Honest and professional

Floriane Le Marchand

Thorough and details on all usual aspects of home energy efficiency.

Timothy Matheson

The installers were great. Communicated very clearly what they were doing and listened to my questions’

Carmel Laragy

Very well

David Barraclough

Very clear and well presented. I also don’t feel pressured to hire you for the next step and you have provided enough info for me to fix the problem myself.

Aditya Widjonarko


Andrea Boothroyd

You did well. Liah and her team arrived on time, were careful around the garden, willing to discuss what they were doing, willing to discuss concerns that they had. And they did a fine job of cleaning up afterwards.

Peter Moore

Was pleasantly surprised after installing Renshade. Was very easy to install and made a considerable difference to the temperature in the living room. Our order arrived very quickly even though it was Christmas. Love Renshade.

Sue G.

​Great team to order from. Great product, easy to install, we noticed the difference immediately.

Nolan S.

Excellent service.

John Sambuco

Very good.

Maxwell Winchester

​We were very happy with the house assessment provided by ecoMaster. Professional, knowledgeable, reliable, informative.

DS, Elwood

I just read your audit of the Child Care Centre. I think it is easily the best energy audit I have ever read! I was really impressed, good on you.

Sustainability Professional, Moonee Ponds

​We look forward to reading this [ecoHome Report] with interest and will be in touch soon. Thank you for your good work.

SH, Brunswick East

I found you when searching for someone to help me to do an environmentally friendly retrofit via the CERES site. I found a presentation that Maurice had done and then this led me to your website. I have been looking for someone to give me independent spin free advice for years but they are hard to find!! Thanks very much – the house is much more comfortable!

AK, Northcote

ecoMaster did an excellent and thorough inspection of my house for sustainability. The work they subsequently did to put in insulation and draught proofing was a very high standard of workpersonship. Staff were very helpful with any questions I asked… I cannot speak more highly of their customer service.

LB, Environmental Educator

Compared to this time last year, we are 38% down on gas use and 15% down on electricity use

TM, Greensborough

I couldn’t be happier! My house is now delightfully cosy and I am not using the heater nearly as much as I used to do. As noise has also been a concern living in the inner city and close to a children’s playground I was surprised to find that the noise level has greatly reduced. The ecoMaster team have all been a delight and a pleasure to have in my home.

JH, Melbourne

Your draught proofing was amazing. Made a real difference this winter. We’ll see how things go this summer/winter and see how the house is performing, but draught proofing is a winner!!!!!

HK, Brighton

We have noticed an immediate improvement since having some of our doors sealed – most noticeably the house isn’t as cold first thing in the morning. I’ve also noticed that since having the two doors in the laundry sealed, it’s quite an effective airlock – just the heat generated from our freezer in the laundry seems to heat the laundry quite well now!

BM, Grovedale

We are extremely happy with our home improvements. We use the heater for about half as much of the time as we previously did, and more areas of the house stay warm. We no longer need to use our electric blanket, or put on extra coats and boots to visit the bathroom. We feel as snug and cosy in our 1960s weatherboard home as we do in our friends’ new strawbale abode. As well as performing excellent work, your team were also very friendly and professional, and got the job done in good time with good cheer. We would recommend ecoMaster to anyone in a leaky, draughty home.

EG, Woodend

Thank you so much for the great job carried out in treating the gaps and cracks and miscellaneous insulation to our house… all of it done in an exceptionally professional and efficient manner, what hard workers these guys are! The post and beam construction with mostly recycled bridge timbers certainly gave them all a challenge which they met admirably. We are really feeling the benefits of the work, no draughts now of course which greatly improves the heating efficiency, but also the unexpected gains of 1) much less noise intrusion, 2) no more spiders and cobwebs, or blowflies and mozzies, and 3) no more daily film of dust over everything blowing in from the dirt road outside. Carry on with the great work you are doing.

PD, Eltham

Our home is so much more cosy now the draught proofing is complete.

SV, DBT Site Manager & Midstream SHEQ Manager

Firstly it was a pleasure to deal with your company. Professional, friendly and efficient. The insulation is more effective than I hoped. The heater is on a consistently lower setting, it no longer feels like a refrigerator in the unheated section of the house and I’m not shivering for a couple of hours on a frosty morning waiting for the house to warm up. I can’t wait for summer to see how much cooler it is.

MB, Romsey

The insulation has been fantastic. Even as we were renovating, the end of the house that was not heated was maintaining its temperature at around 10 degrees during the day/evening. Now that we have the house finished, we have hydronic heating so the house is so nice and warm and it is usually set on 19. In the summer the house is much cooler on hot days. When its 36 degrees outside, the house is 26-28 at tops… The area that we insulated was always very cold in winter and very hot in summer, so this has made the house more comfortable to live in. We have now retired from renovations and are enjoying our home. Thank you again for all you advice and assistance on this matter.

FP, Ballarat

The place feels much more cosier since the ceiling works, great!

MH, Woodend

We’re very happy with the job the lovely crew did for us last Friday, it has REALLY made a difference to our quality of life. Money well spent my Mum would say 🙂

MR, Woodend

A note to thank your installers most sincerely for the efficient and tidy work you carried out at my home, including some ad hoc repairs. It has not taken long to tell that it has made a substantial difference to the insulation of the rooms treated, to the extent that I need no longer dread the onset of winter in what has been – up until now – a cold house!

DB, South Yarra

Slowly getting there. About 2/3rds of the way through the install of the [DIY] insulation. Hopefully another day or two and it will all be done. We can already notice a difference inside on these cold mornings!

TM, Greensboroug

Incidentally, my electricity bill has been in sharp decline over the last 2 months which I’m very pleased about. As a household of 2 with all electric appliances, we’re now using less than the average 1 person household (which I assume is a calculation that includes some gas appliances). So the impact has been very noticeable.

TS, North Melbourne

[The ceiling insulation] certainly makes a difference! Could you thank the boys (and girl!) for their help – house feels even warmer.

DR, Canterbury

A note to thank your installers most sincerely for the efficient and tidy work you carried out at my home, including some ad hoc repairs. It has not taken long to tell that it has made a substantial difference to the insulation of the rooms treated, to the extent that I need no longer dread the onset of winter in what has been – up until now – a cold house!

GS, Monbulk

First impressions are really good. I feel already like the house is retaining the heat produced by the electric panels heaters better. I definitely need to zone off the stairwell to have a bigger effect.

HB, Brunswick West

As usual your team was sensational, and lovely to be around too. The floor insulation seems to be working well – with the cold snap it’s hard to assess – I think that what we’ve noticed so far is warmer floorboards – throwing off blankets at night and having to turn the central heating down and I think that it’s been turning itself off more regularly as it reaches and sustains the warmth in the house – so all in all we’ve noticed positive changes. We’ll probably save up for some retrofit windows next – will probably be next year! Thanks again. And please pass our thanks on to the installers and everyone at the office who made it happen!

GW, Daylesford

We are really happy with the job. While the floorboards themselves are still cool, the house certainly retains its warmth better and for longer than previously. It has made those cold mornings easier to cope with.

TC, Macleod

Can’t get over the difference. Can get out of bed in the morning without rushing for two jumpers and ugg boots and work in my study without a heater! … And what I great bunch of installers – so professional.

DI, Woodend

ecoGlaze has made our rooms feel warmer and is so unobtrusive we had to check which windows had been done when showing them off to neighbours. In particular we would like to tell you about the huge improvements to our en suite which is no longer a freezing, wet (with condensation from the windows) room to enter on a winter’s morning.

AK, Eltham

ecoMaster are reliable, trustworthy, timely and have a keen eye for quality in workmanship at a fair price. ecoMaster undertook secondary glazing and draught proofing on our home in Travancore in October 2013. Works were completed on time, on budget without any fuss or stress to the homeowners. If you are looking for a firm to undertake the services offered by ecoMaster, you should go no further and select ecoMaster.

MB, Travancore

We love the look of the windows – and I love the fact that it eliminates dew building up on the inside of the windows which we experience quite a lot of… I also think our house is pretty warm after the first instalment done in the living area – that really made a noticeable difference. In summary, we are very happy. We look forward to using your services again next year – Stage 3 (our final stage) of the windows!

PB, Eltham

The insulation and secondary glazing is fabulous at my house this winter. Combined with the solar ventilation I only use the heating briefly each day/eve.

VG, Geelong

The guys did an absolutely stellar job yesterday (on my secondary glazing) and I’m very happy with the quality of the work and their advice. Once again thank you for providing such an excellent service.

KR, Fitzroy

Thank you for organising the fantastic job. The windows look great.

VC, Doncaster

The place is much cosier now I have to say – it is definitely not as cold as it was before. It will be great for the next few years when I am going to be a poor uni student who has to stay at home because I can’t afford to do anything else!! One day I have grand plans of a full renovation (preferably with sustainable principles) but that will have to be after uni and, well, when I have more money… [sigh] one day!! Anyway, thanks again to the whole ecoMaster team – it has been great working with you guys to improve my home – you provide an awesome service!!

RM, Brunswick

We recently had ecoMaster retrofit double glaze the windows in our small south facing bedroom and little sitting area. They also were able to install insulation under the floorboards (there was very little clearance under these rooms. It was literally ‘crawl’ space). The difference is amazing. With a strong south winter wind, these rooms could not be kept warm and the floors were ridiculously cold. We needed shoes and heavy socks just to watch television! Now these rooms are comfortable and can be kept warm, even with the wind from the south and below freezing temperatures. There is no doubt that these two changes have made a huge difference in our energy usage and the comfort and usability of these rooms.

BM, Kyneton

They look great, and I think they are keeping the room warmer on this freezing day.

RS, Ivanhoe

We have a room with a very tall cathedral ceiling, with a south-facing glass wall. While the room looks very nice, the existing single glazing made it very difficult to heat in winter, and keep cool in summer. When we asked ecoMaster to install retrofit double glazing on the whole glass wall, we expected it to make a major difference to heat retention in winter. In fact, the installation also made a significant difference to keeping summer heat out. In the past, if we closed all doors, windows and blinds on a very hot day, the front of the house would be some 10 degrees cooler than the back of the house with the cathedral ceiling and glass wall. Now, the difference has been reduced to a couple of degrees. The ecoMaster team is highly professional and unusually efficient, and their product has made a tangible difference to the comfort of our house. We are very happy to recommend them to others.

PM, North Fitzro

We are very happy with the work. The ecoGlaze windows have done a sound job of lowering the traffic noise, so we are glad we went ahead with getting them installed. Thanks very much for all your assistance… Much appreciated.

GF, Brunswick

The guys were here did good clean tidy job – pleasure to have them in house. I can and shall recommend this beaut and energy saving system (ecoGlaze) to everyone who will listen.

MF, Mt Waverly

Once again thanks to the boys for a job done well – you have a team of good workers who are very respectful of other people and their property which is not found very often these days. I would have no hesitation in recommending ecoMaster to anyone else planning an update to their house/premises.

DD, Kilmore

I can feel the difference in the room that has been done. Your workers are the neatest, tidiest workmen I’ve ever had, they left my house spotless.

CB, Woodend

The installers were fantastic. They were very friendly and knowledgeable and the work they carried out is first-class. They are great ambassadors for your business. Not only is it warmer it is also much quieter, which is a pleasant bonus!

AM, Ballarat

Many thanks for your speedy and professional help.

JI, Brunswick

I had 3 employees from ecoMaster at my place on Saturday. They were: Garth, Michael and Ian who were very pleasant and friendly even when the going got tough in trying to solve difficult problems that presented when working on a very old brick house. They were here for 12 hours as the job presented more challenges than originally envisaged. Throughout, they remained calm with a ready smile. They were workman we were happy to have in our home. Their attention to detail was exceptional in a very difficult environment. On leaving they left without any trace of scrap or rubbish and the results of their craftsmanship are being felt immediately by the house being much warmer.

BY, Malmsbury

The guys who carried out the work are great. They are so professional, yet relaxed and friendly at the same time.

PB, Eltham

It’s great to see Australian companies creating innovative and sustainability solutions for the home.

Living Greener Team, Canberra

Lyn Beinat is a dynamo! Heart and soul. She absolutely knows her stuff re retrofitting. Her commitment to the environment and tenacity in achieving business goals would have crushed a normal person within six months. Lyn has been keeping her integrity high along with her energy. I recommend Lyn and ecoMaster to everyone.

MF, Macedon

The guys were fantastic last week – they were meticulous about having everything done properly and I’m really pleased with how it has all turned out. Thanks to everyone for doing such a great job!

JL, Northcote

ecoMaster has provided impeccable service and I’ve already passed your contact info on to a few others who have expressed interest, after I explained what has been done at my place. I’m hoping to get the rest of my house done when the budget allows.

RF, Ringwood

We are delighted with the results we have achieved with your ecoGlaze product and look forward to saving our pennies to enable us to get more rooms done.

GW, Korumburra

I just want to say that ecoMaster were a pleasure to deal with… I would have no hesitation in recommending ecoMaster to others.

KO, Kew

We are very impressed with your team, they are friendly, reliable, informative and efficient. Our experience with you guys has been great, we have been recommending your services to all our friends and using our house as a show piece for your products. Thanks again!

NJ, Elwood

We are very impressed with their work and professionalism.

DM, Good Shepherd Centre for Justice and Fair Trade

The benefits from the training in the past couple of days have been being able to apply some of the theories and techniques that we’ve learned through the classes. To help clients in the future with cost savings and efficiencies within their house. And also reducing their demand profiles and energy, and obviously, less energy means more savings for them. It’s really good for anyone who’s actually interested in retrofitting their house and the pros and cons of certain areas, see where you can do a bit yourself, but also if you’re in a business situation where you can actually save more money in the long run too. So there’s efficiency, economics and environmental benefits out of all of it.”

NS, Home Sustainability Assessor Training

I would certainly be pleased to vouch for the high quality of your work and training of people, your tremendous efforts to build your business over several years in a very difficult environment, and your commitment to the development of the broader industry and to community sustainability activities. Indeed, the compliments that flowed from the project coordinators and participants at the recent Green Neighbourhood House launch in Richmond reflected all those attributes.

Adjunct Prof Alan Pears AM, RMIT University, Melbourne,

Just wanted to say ‘thanks’ to you and Maurice for the Draught Proofing course, it was well executed and thorough. It was great to pick Maurice’s brain, he has a wealth of knowledge on this topic as-well as many others associated with energy saving products.

MJ, Draught Proofing Training Course

Just wanted to say thank you very much for kindly speaking to Glen Eira residents last week on “Keep Your Home Cool this Summer”. Your presentation was well received and very informative. A couple of residents thought the workshop ran out of time but the majority seemed very happy and have gone away full of ideas on how to keep their houses cooler.

SS, Sustainability Support Officer, Glen Eira City Council

What an interesting learning journey you have been on – the universe is grateful to you for your persistence and sharing!

OS, Footscray

Thanks again for providing Maurice’s services to do the [City of Stonnington Winter-proof Your Home] talk – it was really informative and those in attendance found it very worthwhile. I know a few people that have already made some changes at home – including me!

Environmental Education Officer, City of Stonnington

ecoMaster came with a great reputation, so I had high expectations – all of which were met. Their friendly staff did their jobs with care and attention – and cleaned up after themselves! After two rounds of renovation, ecoMaster was the first contractor we have had who cleaned their fingerprints off the manhole when they were finished.

MC, North Coburg

Retrofitting for sustainability is the most cost effective and eco-beneficial contributions that can happen. He spoke eloquently of the one way graph, southward, between Capital Expense and Operating Expense. Mindboggling figures! Which translates inversely with climate and ecology benefit. Based on personal & inspiring experience, Vox recommends ecoMaster, who do draught proofing, double glazing, insulation. You name it, save money and save the Earth… and they’re truly fabulous folks to work with.

Frank Fitzgerald-Ryan, Founder Vox Bandicoot, Fitzroy

We are extremely happy with the results. Our house is already much warmer!

PG, Fitzroy North

Thank you for your prompt and responsive approach to my enquiry/request.

SH, Brunswick

Many thanks for a great job.

FC, Kyneton

I really think this is brilliant and want to tell everyone about it.

CD, Mildura

An amazing difference!

RJ, Kyneton

The house is much cosier and the workers were great.

EM, Northcote

Appreciably warmer!

DR, Canterbury

I am beginning to tell the story of the improvements to my home on my blog [Deep Green Heroes]. An early entry gives credit to ecoMaster where it is due.

An amazing difference!

TA, Woodend

… the team did an excellent job and were very helpful.

LB, Environmental Educator, Melton Shire Council

The skylights are wonderful – even in the gloomy late afternoon of late winter I didn’t need to turn on the extra spotlights to prepare dinner!! And the install team are delightful, professional and very efficient. Great work!

MF, Macedon

The installers have done a tremendous job and the house is so much more comfortable. I will certainly be sending a testimonial to their excellent workmanship.

PD, Eltham

Last year I had my house at Candlebark, as well as the school buildings, assessed and then “treated” by ecoMaster… Again, they have not asked me to give them a plug, but I do so because of the deep impression of professionalism and effectiveness that they left on me. They are among the best companies I have ever dealt with. Their mission in life is to make buildings more ecologically sustainable, and at the same time improve the comfort levels of the buildings’ inhabitants! Well, they have certainly succeeded. The lovely snug feeling I got after they had treated my house was worth squillions!

John Marsden, Acclaimed Author, Romsey

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