Charity Bike Ride 18 Getting in Motion EcoMaster

The first day of the Hands Across the Water Charity Bike Ride 2018 saw a promising and fulfilling start. Cycling 90 kilometers from the seaside district of Hua Hin all the way to Kui Buri district was no easy feat for the 48 riders of the Business Blueprint group.

A feeling of nervousness was the common sentiment of some of the riders as they were warming up to the Bangkok environment and getting comfortably adjusted on their bikes.

Nevertheless, the warm and friendly Thai people who cheered on the bikers all throughout the ride (some still throwing water at them in celebration of the Songkram Festival) made up for a memorable kickoff.

ecoMaster founders Maurice and Lyn Beinat kept at varying paces during the first lap. Being the vigorous rider that he is, Maurice was one of the fastest participants in the pack. He supported the other riders by going back once he reached the finish line. Meanwhile, Lyn got the Strongman award for also supporting the other riders. She walked through the Archway of Honour for making it to the finish despite falling in last during the final leg.

Day one of the ride in the bag. Just under 90kms.Video thanks to the unbelievably talented Mjc Wilkie.

Posted by Jay Beaumont on Tuesday, 17 April 2018

For the fifth time in a row, the Business Blueprint group is cycling 500 kilometers through Southern Thailand to raise funds for “at-risk” individuals sheltered and cared for by the Hands Across The Water charity. ecoMaster is still accepting donations for the families in Thailand who have not won the lottery of birth. If you feel moved to donate, follow this link.