How does the insulation work?
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The insulation batts are fitted in between your ceiling joists enabling complete coverage for optimal effectiveness.

Ceiling insulation is measured in terms of ‘R’ value, which represents “Resistance to Heat”, the higher the ‘R’ value, the better the insulation. While un-insulated plasterboard has an unimpressive ‘R’ value of only R0.2, our quality R4.0 insulation performs twenty times better.

Yes! I am keen to “future-proof” my home starting with the best quality ceiling insulation installed in my home.

To buy the best ceiling insulation for DIY install.
Looking for the best type of ceiling insulation available for your home?
Ceiling Insulation is the single most important insulation you can install in your home. Without it your home can’t be energy efficient. The addition of ceiling insulation will allow you to take control of your energy consumption, making your home more comfortable and significantly reducing your heating and cooling costs.
Why is polyester insulation the best type?

There are many types of ceiling insulation and many things to consider when choosing the best ceiling insulation for your ceiling. Our product is 100% polyester and is selected based on its exceptional quality and effectiveness. This product is high-performance, low allergenic, moisture and rodent resistant, and it maintains its loft for the lifetime of your home.

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The benefits of ceiling insulation…


High performance for optimal effectiveness


Eco friendly comprising 45% recycled component


Non-Irritant, non-toxic, non-allergenic


Manufactured in Australia


High quality solution that last the lifetime of your home


ISO9001 Quality Certification


SO4001 Environment Management System Certification

How does the insulation work?

Option 1: Professional Installation
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Consider an ecoHome Assessment
STEP 1:  
  Contact us with measurements for an estimate.
STEP 2:    Organise a quote visit.
STEP 3:    Schedule professional installation by our experienced team.

Option 2: DIY Installation
If you’re keen to insulate your ceiling yourself, this option is for you. Contact us to place your order. 

Complete coverage for the best insulation performance.

Highest quality polyester insulation batts.

“… The insulation is more effective than I hoped. The heater is on a consistently lower setting, it no longer feels like a refrigerator in the unheated section of the house and I’m not shivering for a couple of hours on a frosty morning waiting for the house to warm up. I can’t wait for summer to see how much cooler it is.”

Yes! I am sick of freezing in my home and sweltering through summer And my energy bills are far too high

What if I already have insulation in my ceiling?

Most homes do not have enough ceiling insulation or have some that has been poorly installed, compromising its effectiveness. Gaps of 5% in your ceiling reduces the effectiveness of your insulation by 50%!

The Building Code of Australia specifies a minimum value for new home of R3.5 in the Melbourne area and R4.3 in colder areas of Victoria.

Use the following diagram as a guide to establish the R value of your current insulation.

R Value Insulation Height v2 EcoMaster

Do I need to remove my existing ceiling insulation?

No, your existing insulation can remain in place. We will then level any existing loose-fill insulation, or fill in any gaps in your existing batts, before topping up with our highest quality polyester insulation.

What does it cost?

If your existing insulation is approximately R2.0, we suggest topping up with R2.0 batts, the average 100m² home costs $1,941*.

If you have little or no insulation installed in your ceiling, we suggest installing R4.0 batts, the average 100m² home costs $2,620*.

For DIY supply: R2.0 = $1,049 (plus delivery) and R4.0 = $1,733 (plus delivery).

*Out of area travel charges may apply. Pricing based on roof space with reasonable access.