Shugg/ Frameless Windows

The Best Draught-Proofing Solution For Frameless Windows.

The gap between the two glass panes of shugg windows (also known as frameless windows) is a wide entryway for air leakage.

Fix your draughty windows and avoid your home heating / cooling from escaping by sealing your window with the GEC Draught Excluder!

How it Works:

The Shugg/Frameless Window Draught Excluder, otherwise known as the Glass Clip Edge 6mm, is a plastic edge strip with a wipe brush seal. A plastic edge strip is fitted over the edge of the glass and can be cut to size during installation.

Frameless Window min EcoMaster

It is used to stop draughts from coming in between sliding panes of glass where there is no timber frame. The draught excluder is fitted to make a secure seal in the center of the window between the two panes of glass.

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