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Draught Proofing: An Introduction

When it comes to energy saving tips, this is number one. Did you know that draught is often responsible for a significant amount of your energy costs because of how much energy is used trying to keep comfortable? In this video, discover sources of draught beyond the front door, and learn what you can do to control draught in your home.

Secondary Glazing: An Introduction

Delivering all of the benefits of double glazing – secondary glazing is the cheaper way to improve the thermal efficiency of your windows without replacing anything. In this video, discover the different models of ecoGlaze Secondary Glazing System, which allow your doors and windows to operate just as they always have.

Ceiling Insulation: An Introduction

Many households are unaware of the level of insulation in their ceilings. Often, homes contain some level of ceiling insulation but its quality and ability to move over time can compromise its effectiveness. In this video, learn why we should all be re-evaluating the level of protection overhead.

Underfloor Insulation: An Introduction

Looking for the best type of underfloor insulation? Something that will withstand the test of time when it comes to durability and thermal comfort? Maurice Beinat discusses the long-term benefits of underfloor insulation when the best material is installed in the most effective way.

Wall Insulation: An Introduction

If you don’t have insulated walls, you will be losing your winter warmth straight out to the outside. In summer time the outdoor temperature is pouring in, costing you a fortune in air conditioning bills and leaving your home hot as a sauna. In this video, learn how retrofit wall insulation is applied to existing brick and weatherboard homes.

How to Shade Your Home in Summer and Winter Using Deciduous Trees

What better way to make your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter than by using natural plantings and sunlight. In this video, Maurice will teach you how to choose the best plantings and placement for a naturally comfortable home.

Save Energy Every Time You Use Your Flick Mixer Taps

Did you know that, after heating and cooling, hot water is usually the biggest user of household energy? In this video, Maurice Beinat explains why when you change the way you use your flick mixer taps, you may see a change in your energy bills.

Using Bubble Wrap on Windows to Improve Thermal Performance

In winter you may feel like you’re losing a lot of heat through your glazing, and you’d be right. If you’re looking for an extremely cheap way to double glaze your windows, this energy saving tip is for you.

Zoning: What is it… and why do I need it?

Zoning is a draught proofing concept that involves isolating particular areas of your home that you want to heat and cool. It is achieved by draught proofing selected areas of a home. For example, by sealing off a bathroom and laundry area, you can still enjoy a cosy home, while the ‘wet areas’ of your home can remain ventilated.

Choosing the Best Type of Ceiling Insulation: Fire, Moisture & Compression Test

Wondering how polyester insulation batts perform against burning, moisture or being squashed? We put our underfloor and ceiling insulation to the test in this insulation durability test, to prove that polyester insulation really is the best insulation available. Learn why ecoMaster only install this type of insulation in ceilings and under floors.

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