When it comes to creepy crawlies, there are three types of people in this world: the squeeler, the grin-and-bare-it and the hero. But whichever profile you fit, nobody likes creepy crawlies in their living space.... until you realise what you can learn from them. 1. SLIPPING IN THE SERVICE DOOR Draught is invisible, but spiders are not! If [...]

How much ceiling insulation is protecting your home? You might have a lot, a little or none at all - find out below. Ceiling insulation is the most important insulation in your home, so it's essential to know whether it's doing the job it should be. Many people believe they have ceiling insulation, but in truth they [...]

Despite the recent confusion around solar panels, solar hot water and insulation, many Victorians are beginning to understand the link between a home that has been retrofitted for energy efficiency and permanently reduced energy bills. Instead of surrendering to a lifetime of increasingly high energy costs, households are choosing the one-time-investment route and treating themselves [...]

Standing beside your windows in winter can send a chill down your spine. Here's a simple trick to insulating your windows that will only cost you a couple of minutes! You might feel that in the winter time you're losing a lot of heat through your glazing, and you'd be right about that! The natural thing is [...]

Is your home unbearably freezing? Do you find it virtually impossible to warm up your home and hold that warmth? Do you settle for band-aid solutions like letting your heater run non-stop while saying that you'll just deal with the energy bills when they come? Make your home a warm haven with these 5 tips for keeping your home naturally [...]

WATCH THEIR STORY: Many people walk in this house and they have a really good feeling ... and that’s a lot to do with the comfort factor." TRANSCRIPT: Margo: “It’s just the most fantastic feeling to have your house, when you walk in the door, that it’s not so cold that you’d rather stay outside which was [...]

Why to fill draughty gaps around your home ... Draught proofing your home is a great way to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer without cranking up the heater or the air conditioner. When you seal up all of those sneaky gaps and cracks, you can keep your expensive heating and [...]

Her family now enjoys an environmentally friendly home that is naturally warm in winter and stays cool and comfortable in summer. There is no reason for houses in Australia to have such high heating and cooling bills ... we are just squandering the resources available to us and it is not necessary, the technology is here." [...]

Today he  is an official Climate Leader, trained by Al Gore himself to deliver a very important presentation. In this interview, Alastair shares what it means to be part of the Climate Reality Project. 1. What is the Climate Reality Project? In 2007, I saw An Inconvenient Truth, the Academy Award-winning documentary about climate change, produced [...]

A great way to shade your windows in the summertime is by using deciduous trees. Trees such as these that lose their leaves in the winter, let the winter sun in to warm your home in the wintertime, and when the weather heats up, the leaves come back and shade your glass for the summertime. A shrub like this [...]

Composting is a great alternative to sending your foodscraps to landfill, it's better for our planet and it makes really nutritious mulch for our gardens! Now let's be realistic, composting can be time consuming, not all of us have time to be outside turning compost over. But what if there was a product that would [...]

In this interview, Graeme Ambrose, our guest lighting expert, reveals all of the issues associated with down-lights and shares what we can do to make a switch to energy efficiency. As Managing Director and Senior Consultant of the lighting consulting company, Ecodecisions, Graeme is the perfect person to shed some light on the issues associated [...]

In this video, energy and thermal efficiency expert, Maurice Beinat, walks you through the issues surrounding down-lights and what you can do to protect your home. Want to know more about lighting alternatives? Stay tuned for our upcoming lighting options special. In the meantime, check out our video library for more energy and thermal efficiency [...]

It's a free program designed to support you in making your home truly green, and there's something in it for your community group too. Wondering what all the fuss is about? Check out this new animation to learn how the program works! Want to get involved? Group Organisers Register Here

"As we get closer to retirement we do think about how to reduce our costs, about expenditure we need to make before we retire ... "   Viv shares her story ... "We spend most of our time in this back room here, it catches the winter sun, which is beautiful and in summer we've got [...]

Did you know that, after heating and cooling, hot water is usually the biggest user of household energy? Change the way you use your flick mixer and you'll soon see the change in your energy bill. In this video ecoMaster's Chief Technical Officer, Maurice Beinat, shares his favourite secret to reducing wasted hot water energy by a [...]

1. What is Beyond Zero Emissions and what is your role? Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) is an environmental, non-government organisation trying to find and promote the best technical solutions to climate change. We are trying to build an economy-wide set of blueprints for de-carbonising the country. We think it can be, and needs to be, done in ten [...]

At ecoMaster we're firm believers in Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. So when we were faced with the option to send our highest quality acrylic offcuts to land fill, we said 'No Way, José!' We are thrilled to be celebrating Gisborne Secondary College's end of year Art and Design Exhibition. Congratulations to all of the students involved! The students [...]

Over the span of his career Mick has taken on many roles such as energy conservation consultant, researcher and environmental educator. He is passionate about the environment and helping clients achieve their energy goals. Mick is a Director of the International Projects Group of ATA (Alternative Technology Association) which has installed more than 40 stand [...]

Meet Frances Foster, a woman with a big vision, providing sustainable, chemical-free waste treatment solutions that are safe for our children, pets and wildlife. Q. What is Biomaster and how did it come to be? Biomaster came into being when we ran a Bed & Breakfast in a rural village and although we did everything [...]