Did you know that, after heating and cooling, hot water is usually the biggest user of household energy? Change the way you use your flick mixer and you'll soon see the change in your energy bill. In this video ecoMaster's Chief Technical Officer, Maurice Beinat, shares his favourite secret to reducing wasted hot water energy by a [...]

1. What is Beyond Zero Emissions and what is your role? Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) is an environmental, non-government organisation trying to find and promote the best technical solutions to climate change. We are trying to build an economy-wide set of blueprints for de-carbonising the country. We think it can be, and needs to be, done in ten [...]

At ecoMaster we're firm believers in Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. So when we were faced with the option to send our highest quality acrylic offcuts to land fill, we said 'No Way, José!' We are thrilled to be celebrating Gisborne Secondary College's end of year Art and Design Exhibition. Congratulations to all of the students involved! The students [...]

In this video, Maurice Beinat explains how you can improve the thermal performance of your windows with bubble wrap and water. Delivering all of the benefits of double glazing at a fraction of the price, the ecoGlaze® Secondary Glazing System can be applied directly to your existing timber windows without the need to replace anything. ✓  Keep [...]

Over the span of his career Mick has taken on many roles such as energy conservation consultant, researcher and environmental educator. He is passionate about the environment and helping clients achieve their energy goals. Mick is a Director of the International Projects Group of ATA (Alternative Technology Association) which has installed more than 40 stand [...]

Meet Frances Foster, a woman with a big vision, providing sustainable, chemical-free waste treatment solutions that are safe for our children, pets and wildlife. Q. What is Biomaster and how did it come to be? Biomaster came into being when we ran a Bed & Breakfast in a rural village and although we did everything [...]

With so many types of insulation available, how do we know what the best underfloor and ceiling insulation really is? In this video, ecoMaster's Chief Technical Officer, Maurice Beinat, puts our insulation to the test. See how this product holds up against water, flame, tearing and compression! 7 things you need to know before you choose your underfloor [...]

Taking steps toward making his home more energy efficient, this client decided to take the DIY approach to underfloor insulation. In this video, Trivess shares his experience and explains why he chose the DIY installation option to improve the thermal comfort of his home.

Despite the recent confusion around solar panels, solar hot water and insulation, many Victorians are beginning to understand the link between a home that has been retrofitted for energy efficiency and permanently reduced energy bills. Instead of surrendering to a lifetime of increasingly high energy costs, households are choosing the one-time-investment route and treating themselves [...]

Future Proofing Geelong's dynamic duo, Vicky Grosser and Tina Perfrement, are on a mission to make it happen. 1. What is Future Proofing Geelong’s vision and how are you working towards this goal? Vicky Grosser: Future Proofing Geelong's vision is that in the year 2030, Geelong is internationally recognised as one of the world's most sustainable cities. [...]