Guide to Chimneys

ecomaster about chimneys reviews min EcoMaster
ecomaster about chimneys reviews min EcoMaster

About Chimneys

Our relationship with Chimneys – What’s great and what’s NOT

What’s Great

Many homes have chimneys for fireplaces.  

They are still popular in Australia’s cold climates.  

Many old houses will still have chimneys even though they may no longer be in use. 

In recent years, the options for homeowners, new builds or renovators, have dramatically expanded  with a wide array of fuel-types, structures, visual effects, room aesthetics and other options.

The things we love about open fireplaces is the cozy factor.  Enduring a cold, wet, windy day is made instantly better with an open fire.

  • We love the relaxing feel, the sound, the light, the smell, and the feeling of warmth
  • It provides an alternative heat source for energy black outs.
About Chimneys ecomaster min EcoMaster

Open wood-burning fireplace with logs on the fire

What’s NOT Great

The disadvantages of a wood burning fireplace

  • Wood fires are detrimental to humans, animals and the environment
  • If you neighbours live close by, they will also be sharing the smoke from your fire adding to their poor indoor air quality
  • 90% of the heat goes up the chimney and is lost
  • You never get the full benefit of an open fire
  • When they are not in use cold air comes down the chimney and increases the demand on your heating systems
  • In summertime hot air comes down the chimney and also puts demand on your cooling systems
  • Other things, like bugs, rodents, insects, spiders, even birds enter your home through the chimney.
  • Fire safety is a huge concern – you must be very aware of the safety rules surrounding open fire places.
  • Cleaning out the fireplace regularly is essential
  • Having the chimney professionally cleaned when it is in regular use is also essential to prevent chimney fires
  • Cleaning open fires is really important for your health – the flue needs to always be clear so that you’re not breathing in harmful gases. 
  • Controlling the air quality in your home is a must
  • Controlling the ventilation in your home is fundamental

So if you have a Chimney that you need to block off, get yourself a Chimney Draught Stopper. 

The disadvantages of a wood burning fireplace ecomaster min EcoMaster

ecoMaster’s “Santa Safe” Chimney Draught Stopper

 So What is the Next Biggest ‘Hole’ in Your Home?  

Once you have blocked your chimney (or chimneys), the next biggest source of air leakages is generally Vents and Fans. 

So, when you are ready to progress to the next step, here it is