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The “Uninvited” that your Chimney brings into your home

Apart from Santa Claus coming down the Chimney, are you aware or have you ever wondered what impact your Chimney has on your home?

It’s interesting to reflect upon this.  Firstly, it’s what leaves your home via the chimney.  When your fire is burning in your open fireplace about 90% of the hot air goes up your chimney.  That leaves only 10% of the warmth inside your home.

Even when your open fireplace is not in use the warm air from your other sources of heating also goes up your chimney.

So what comes down?  In the wintertime, cold air, also known as draughts.  In the summertime, hot air.  This air movement has a huge impact on your heating and cooling costs.

The other uninvited likely to come down your chimney include dust, air pollutants, insects, sometimes birds, and sometimes rain. There’s a long list of things that willingly enter your home without you even knowing.

When I was a child the most scary of entries were bats.  That’s right – little, brown bats.  Some people find them to be cute.  But for me, not when they come into your living room, and not only one, but sometimes several.  Once inside, they were not at all inclined to leave.  

For me, they were scary, creepy little creatures and I would have to leave home until my father could remove them.  He never told me and I never asked him how he removed them but he obviously had his way because he preferred to have his daughter home instead of the bats.

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He had to find a solution to stop them entering and so he constructed some kind of a lid to put on top of the chimney.  It did the job, but in winter when we were using the fireplace he had to keep climbing up and down the chimney to take the lid off so we could use the fireplace.

Today, there is a perfect solution. Invented by ecoMaster – the Chimney Draught Stopper.  It fits snugly inside your chimney, which you can remove when you want to use the fireplace and put back in when it is not in use.  It stops the air leaking out of your home, the air coming into your home, and all the other nasties that invite themselves into your home through the chimney.

Stop the Chimney surprises entering and keep the right temperature inside your home. The good surprise will be the energy costs you will save.  Now, that is a nice surprise.