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Acoustic 3D Wall Tiles

Here’s something that we’ve done quite recently to this home. You can see behind me in these red tiles. These are called Quietspace 3D tiles, and we’ve put them up in conjunction with a hanging feature above me. That’s called a “Horizon Circle”.

Why have we done this? Well, it’s about sound quality in the room. As you get older, you get less tolerant of reflected sound. That is, the sound coming at you from multiple directions. That makes it really difficult to understand speech. So what we were finding was that we’d be sitting here watching the TV, and we’d be having this conversation over and over again, “Did you hear what they said?” “No. Did you hear what they said?” “Hmm, Not sure.” It was very irritating, and you can put the volume up, and make a lot more noise, but it doesn’t improve
your understanding of speech.

So, the idea of this arrangement is that it absorbs sound, and it eliminates some of the reflected sounds so that you just hear the direct sound. And I have to say, it’s made an astonishing difference. We don’t have those conversations anymore.

It’s a great thing. If you’re getting older and you’re finding difficulty with understanding dialogue, then that’s a great thing, and also, if you’ve got a home theatre, I would suggest that it’s a fantastic thing to use for that.

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