Antarctica Blobs Due to Effect Southeast Australia min EcoMaster

Winter weather for Australia 2022

MKweather, Weather News from the World, have given an indication of what to expect this winter in Australia.  Whilst temperatures will fluctuate the World Weather are predicting Antarctica blobs will have a strong influence on Southeast Australia this year, bringing temperatures in some regions to up to -15 degrees.


The unprecedented weather events of horrific droughts, bush fires, floods, storms, rain bombs, lightning strikes, gale force winds, landslides and more have rocked Australia over the past few years. With winter 2022 on our doorstep what can we expect to endure during our coldest months of this year?

 ‘Weather news from the world’ advise us to be prepared for more weather incidents and unpredictability in Australia for winter 2022. They claim, “whilst possibly the last La Nina stormy season in a row, some of the other influencing weather factors of IOD (Indian Ocean Dipole) and shorter AAO (Antarctic Oscillation) phases we can expect a relatively colder southeast with a high probability of storms and winter-storms.” These conditions are likely to bring other things to deal with such as “possible mice plagues and a strong spider season.”


Planning to cope with unexpected conditions now can help you navigate more unprecedented weather conditions for the future.  Maurice Beinat, Technical Director of Australia’s ecoMaster, said “There are a number of ways people can prepare their home to help withstand extreme temperatures and help to deter pesty rodents and insects entering their home.


Maurice says, “Make sure your home is well insulated with high quality products for underneath floors, ceilings and walls.  This will help to keep the cold out and your warmth in.  Using quality products, such as Value Poly polyester insulation has many great qualities including being rodent resistant- rats and mice don’t like it, won’t eat it, and won’t nest in it.”

planning to cope with unexpected conditions pecoMaster min EcoMaster

He goes on to say “Add to this door and window seals not only for the protection against the weather but it will also make it more difficult for unwelcome creatures to enter your home.


Predictions are advising us for more unexpected weather conditions during our winter 2022.  Knowing what to expect such as influencers from AAO, IOD and La Nina allows us to prepare for more unprecedented weather conditions and their consequences.   

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