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Awning Window Treatments

Well as you can see, these are the kitchen window. We have a few things going on here. Firstly, as well as
developing ecoGlaze (secondary glazing) in this home, we do continually test other things, and on this window, we’re
testing one of the heat shrink films. You can probably see that it’s got a bit of misting around the centre that’s on the
inside of the external glass.

How does it perform? I think from a thermal performance point of view, pretty good because it’s trapping about 20
millimetres of air. Aesthetically, well, it doesn’t look all that great. It’s pretty hard to trim nicely and keep looking nice over time. It’s pretty hard to clean – you have to be ever so gentle trying to clean it. But, thermally and cost-wise, I think it’s pretty good. It would be particularly good if you are renting.

The other thing about this window is that we’ve draught proofed it and others like it. So in this home, we’ve got
hardwood joinery. And what tends to happen with hardwood Replacement Cooktop. When we came here, this was an electric cooktop. We did change it for a gas one that runs on LPG. This has been here quite a long time now, and it is slated for replacement. LPG or piped gas is not sustainable and not great in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. This is particularly true in the production stage. We’re going to change this for an induction cooktop. This has all the
really great control features that gas has, and in fact, is better than gas but without the emission issues.
is that it’s very long-lasting. Maintenance wise, it’s pretty good, but it does tend to warp over time. What generally
happens with these sashes in that they bow and leave quite substantial gaps. So, in these awning windows, we’ve
replaced the original beads with Draught Dodgers for Awning Windows. It’s a great seal around the whole window
– no more draught!

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