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Meet Frances Foster, a woman with a big vision, providing sustainable, chemical-free waste treatment solutions that are safe for our children, pets and wildlife.

Q. What is Biomaster and how did it come to be?

Biomaster came into being when we ran a Bed & Breakfast in a rural village and although we did everything to take care of our Septic System, both ourselves and our customers became aware of a nasty smell. Nothing we bought fixed it so we researched to find a permanent microbial solution to the problem and quite some time later Flush-It was born and is still the market leader with 60 different strains of Beneficial Bacteria.

Q. When people come to Biomaster, what problems are they looking to solve?

Biomaster now has a range of environmental products. People come to us with septic tank and/or grease trap problems, either smelly or overflowing septic systems or with pooling drain fields, blocked plumbing of all descriptions, either from sewage, or drains, odours from under houses or in bathrooms, laundry plumbing that overflows, toilets that block – most of which can be fixed by the house owner themselves with Biomaster’s Beneficial Bacteria Products.

Q. Can you describe Biomaster’s products and how they work?

Because our aim has always been to deliver high quality concentrated products that work in the smallest possible amount of packaging, people get a big surprise when they see for themselves just how big a punch a tiny tea bag size of bacteria can pack.

For example, one tea bag size of Flush-It dropped into the toilet bowl once a month will keep a septic system healthy and working efficiently and smell free for an average six-person family.

Just one tea bag size sachet of Drain Power will treat 4 household drains – just dissolve in warm water, give it a stir and tip one cupful into each outlet such as the shower, the basin, the bath and laundry trough last thing at night, every 2-3 months.

If you have a totally blocked outlet – Use one sachet of Drain Clear – just drop into the waste water left in the sink and walk away. About ½ hour later you start to hear a gurgling noise and eventually it will be clear. If it was a very tight blockage, you might have to do this one more time to totally clear it.

All Biomaster products are safe and easy to use and the DIY method saves you having to call a plumber. As the Beneficial Bacteria are hungry and eat waste you can clean up all your pipework simply by treating your drains last thing at night and giving the bacteria time to stick to the inside of the pipework and clean up all the jointing that you otherwise can’t get at yourself.

Q. Can you tell us about your products in terms of their environmental sensitivity?

All Biomaster products are chemical and poison free and safe to use around pets, children and wildlife. The Flush-It Traveller is for use in portable toilets, camp toilets, motorhomes and long drops and is safe to dump at any dump point.

Compost-It was introduced to our range because so many people have a problem with making compost and it taking so long. With Compost-It you only have to wait 4 weeks! Using our resealable Spout Pouch you can even sprinkle Compost-It into your kitchen bucket as you go. Then, when you add it to the outside compost heap it is already partially broken down. You can safely give some of the partially broken down kitchen waste to the worm farm too if you have one.

Q. What has been your most rewarding moment since founding Biomaster?

There have been lots of rewarding moments along the way where we have saved people thousands of dollars because they haven’t needed a whole new drain field, or got rid of really worrying problems within their built environment.

One family had an overflowing septic tank causing pools of greasy water on the top of the drain field and excessively soggy ground through the whole drainage area (accompanied by a very unpleasant smell!). They had already been quoted $7,000 to have their whole drain field dug up and replaced and were desperate for a cheaper alternative. We advised them not get the tank emptied or the field dug out, but to use a combination of Biomaster products to treat the problem once and for all.

The treatment was a success and cost the family less than $300. The odour was gone within 3 days and the tank was back to a normal working level within a week. By the end of 4 weeks there was no visible overflow or flooding. The family was amazed by the ease of the DIY solution and thrilled to have saved over $6,700 on repairs!

Another memorable moment was when we gave a spout pouch of Compost-It to the local school to help them with their garden composting program and the young lad came back and said “That compost stuff was terrific!”.

How can we get in touch with you?

My husband, George, is an inventor, I am the Gofer! If you have a need for an environmental product to solve a problem, go to our contact page on the website. We are always willing to develop new products to meet a market need.

An Opportunity for Your Local School…

We would love to see lots more schools running a composting program to reuse the waste from their school food bins as nutritious garden compost to help grow healthy plants and veggies.

Biomaster will donate the first spout pouch pack of Compost-It to every school that starts a program. Please let others know – we would love to see this idea spread Nationally and you can help us do this. We at Biomaster are so keen to see our young people enjoying being a part of sustainability and growing their own.

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