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Does your home get excessively cold and draughty every time winter sets in? We can’t always blame the Australian weather for this discomfort. What we have found contributes to experiencing a deep, biting cold may be the presence of gaps and openings in the different parts of your house!

The type of windows you have can complement or render your efforts toward controlling air exchange ineffective. One window that’s notorious for keeping homes unreasonably ventilated in winter is casement windows. Because you can open them outward fully, casement windows let in an abundance of air, which is great for cross flow ventilation.

If you have draughty casement windows at home that are making your bedrooms, lounge rooms, or kitchen extremely cold and you need a solution other than replacing your windows, we have a GOOD NEWS for you.

You can control your ventilation with our cost-effective and award-winning draught blocker for windows.

Draught Dodgers for Windows: The Solution You Need

Draught proof your windows through our Draught Dodgers Kit! A set of self-adhesive draught blockers, Draught Dodgers provide an air-tight seal around the sides, top, and bottom of a casement or awning window. This seal prevents the entry of draught from all directions as the window is closed.

A product unique to ecoMaster, Draught Dodgers (or Draft Dodgers) are easily fitted on the edges of a draughty window even if there is a larger gap in one spot and a smaller gap in the other.

Draught Dodgers EcoMaster

Each dodger features a 12mm x 10mm timber carrier fitted with a top quality mini compressive seal. This can be cut easily according to the size of your windows upon installation. Installing Draught Dodgers DOES NOT interfere with window operation – they will open and close just the way they always did!

In addition to draught control, Draught Dodgers also:

  • Reduces noise
  • Can be painted to match existing joinery
  • Won’t strain winding mechanism because compressive seal gently press against the face of the window frame
  • Have architectural quality and are made with durable and sustainable timber
  • Suitable for push-out, wind-out, tilt-out, and barn door window types.

Draught Dodgers are easy to install, too! If you have basic Do-It-Yourself skills and you want to perform draught proofing on your own, we can provide you access to our library of video instructions to help you do the job fast.

Our Draught Dodgers are only one of the many forms of draught proofing solutions to aid your problem with uncontrolled air leakage. Other solutions include perimeter seals for doors (Draught Dodgers for Doors) ceiling exhaust fan seals (DraftStoppas), fireplace treatments, and sealing options for wall vents, architraves, floorboards, and skirting boards with Fullers Ultraclear.

Retrofit your home today with these solutions as you brace for the winter cold. By installing these draught proofing solutions, you will not only improve your thermal comfort but keep your need for additional heating to a minimum as well.

For a wide range of draught proofing solutions in Melbourne, contact ecoMaster. We have been helping thousands of Australian homes achieve thermal comfort with less energy since 2004. Visit our ecoMaster web store to browse through our products and to place your order. For inquiries, call 1300 326 627.

Get access to a thermal comfort that lasts today

For a wide range of draught proofing solutions in Melbourne and other parts of Australia, contact ecoMaster. We have been helping thousands of Australian homes and commercial buildings achieve lasting thermal comfort with less energy since 2004. 

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