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Winter in Australia can get tremendously cold on some days. As temperatures are expected to drop steeply in the coming days, here are pointers to keep you warm throughout winter without spending too much on heating.

Wear The Right Garment

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Throwing on multiple thin layers is key in surviving Australian winter. Particularly, choose layers like polyester, wool, or nylon over cotton. On extra cold days, wearing thermal underwear also helps in regulating your body temperature and keeping your body warm and dry. To keep other parts of your body toasty, wear gloves, scarf, hat, jumper, and coat.

Load Up with Vitamin C and Zinc

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The cold weather can bring with it illnesses like coughs and colds, so it is necessary to boost your immune system by eating right. Stock up on winter season foods that are rich in vitamin C (helps fight immune system deficiencies and fortifies the skin) like eating raw capsicum and kale. Another mineral that strengthens the body’s defense against viruses is zinc which can be derived by eating beans, nuts, and whole-grain cereals.

Be Strategic About Windows and Curtains

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Know when to open and close your windows and curtains. The key is knowing what time of day does the sun shine through your windows. Open your curtains when the sun is high to soak up as much heat. Close them up by the end of the day to keep out the draught and cold permeating through your single glazing.

Seal The Leaks

Sealing Gaps and Cracks EcoMaster

Cold air can get through the gaps and cracks present on your windows, doors, and floorboards. Inspect these areas to find possible leaks and use air-sealing products to close them.

Old windows with a lot of gaps can be upgraded to smarter windows through double glazing which is a smarter, cost-effective alternative to window replacement. You can also draught-proof your home by installing draught excluders on your doors and installing underfloor insulation beneath your leaky floors.

Zone Out Unused Rooms

Shutting the doors of unused rooms (also known as zoning) is a great strategy to control your heating, especially when your heater is on. This helps spread the warm air faster through the house and concentrate the heat within the areas you commonly use.

Insulate Your Home for Greater Thermal Comfort

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Retrofitting your home can enhance your thermal comfort by preventing air exchange; the main reason why it is impossible for a home to maintain stable indoor temperatures. When you retrofit your home for thermal efficiency, you can retain your winter warmth and keep your summer nice and cool. This is a big step to reduce your energy bills.

Practice these tips for a much more comfortable winter.

To gain a deeper insight on your home’s thermal performance and to get access to professional home insulation solutions in Melbourne, contact ecoMaster. We make Australian homes more comfortable all year round and help you reduce your energy cost.

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