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It’s in winter that you particularly start to notice draughts in your home.  There are often many leaks in a home but it only takes a few for a draught to enter and affect your indoor temperature.  External doors are typically among the sources of draught in a home.

French Doors are a great option for many homes, combining style and function. However, the beauty and functionality of these types of doors do not protect it from draught! In fact, French Doors are notoriously draughty and can be so much more difficult to treat than ordinary single doors. For a snug, cozy home, it is imperative to draught-proof your French Doors to ward off cold/hot air across the seasons.

There are different types of draught seals available in the market used for specific door types and models. Because French Doors are more complex, they require a combination of seals to provide the level of protection you require.

The solution depends on the particular details proposed here is a good start for DIYers.  ideal door seals to use are the RP16 (for the door center), the EMV (for the door perimeters), and the RP35 (to seal the bottom of the door).


RP16 is an architectural quality draught seal specially used to stop draught between the center of double doors and windows.

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It comes in bronze and silver colors. RP16’s aluminum carrier is fixed to the edge of one door while its silicon blade is compressed by the other door to allow for an airtight seal between the doors. RP16 can be fitted inside or outside. However, if the door is fitted with a mushroom mold, the RP16 must be fitted from the inside. It can be cut to size during installation.


Meanwhile, the EMV is a simple and effective adhesive perimeter seal designed for hinged doors.

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It is a self-adhesive plastic seal in the shape of a ‘v.’ EMV is also used for sealing the perimeters of a window and the center join of double-hung windows. The seal is fitted on at least 2 millimeters of clean space between the door and the jamb. Installing the EMV on your doors is easy and can be completed in just a few minutes.


The RP35 is a high quality, medium-duty, spring-loaded, automatic draught excluder used to stop draught from entering through the bottom of external doors.

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Its adjustable actuator tab protrudes from the hinge side of the unit which serves as a button that gently presses against the door jamb when the door is closed. This forces the inner section of the draught excluder down onto the doorstep to provide a seal along the bottom of the door. Installing the RP35 requires the assistance of a carpenter.

(Note: These seals do not, in any way, hamper the doors’ opening and closing. Your doors will operate the same way prior to installing the door seals.)

Installing these door seals together to your French doors strengthens your defense against the entry of draught into your home, allowing you to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures while reducing the amount of energy you need to warm your home. 

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