Hydronic Heating System EcoMaster

Hydronic heating system (also called in-slab hydronic floor heating) is an excellent energy-saving heating method.  It uses wall mounted panels to gently release heat into your rooms.

Some homeowners prefer hydronic heating over reverse cycle air conditioning (blows air around the living space), and ceiling mounted ducting (blasts air into the room) because of its no-nonsense approach.   

Because hydronic heating can be very expensive to install, some homeowners fall into the trap of foregoing the installation of a quality insulation to cut back on cost. Others resort to installing a less expensive type of insulation, but with substandard quality (one that loses its loftiness over time, and is harmful to the environment) just for the sake of having insulation.

This is a HUGE mistake if you want to reap the full benefits of your hydronic heating! Deliberately eliminating insulation, or installing a cheaper type of insulation may save you money at first, however soon you will end up paying a lot more through your energy bills.

What exactly is the use of insulation in the hydronic heating process?

Rather than lose the heat to temperature changes that occur underneath the floor, the insulation acts as a catch basin, that holds the heat and move it upwards and into your home.

Placing a layer of insulation under your floorboards stops the heating from escaping. Simply put, insulation helps reverse the direction of the heat to help you get the most of your hydronic heating!

The Best Type of Insulation for Under the Floor

One of ecoMaster’s excellent products that help homeowners buck their energy consumption and reduce their utility bills is the Polyester Underfloor Insulation.

Our underfloor insulation is 100 percent polyester, has a thickness of 120 millimetres, and has been selected based on its exceptional quality and effectiveness. Unlike commonly used insulations (i.e. fibreglass batts, foam boards, and reflective foils) this product is low allergenic, moisture and rodent resistant, and it maintains its loft for the lifetime of your home. It can be securely installed with no gaps.

Underfloor Insulation EcoMaster
The ever efficient Polyester Insulation Rolls

When stapled firmly under a floor, polyester won’t sag, move or compress; holding the same R Value as the day it’s installed for the lifetime of your home. It’s non-allergenic, rodent and mildew resistant, safe for kids and pets, and can be handled without gloves. This is a fact which we have verified and proven by conducting a number of product tests to see how polyester holds up against moisture, flame, tearing, and compression.

Our Polyester Underfloor Insulation has an insulation rating (technically called R Value or the level of resistance to heat) of R2.5, making it the highest rated underfloor insulation available in Australia.  Adding polyester under your house will increase your floors’ resistance to air exchange and can maximise the performance of your hydronic heating system!

Improve your thermal comfort during winter and summer while bringing down your overall energy cost. Install your own Polyester Underfloor Insulation and shop for a wide range of draft-proofing solutions now.

Excellent Insulation, Draft-Proofing Prevent Hydronic Heat from Escaping

To further boost your thermal protection, applying an all-home draft-proofing system on your doors, windows, architraves, and air vents also stops the exchange of air through the tiniest gaps and cracks present in these areas. Draft-proofing these key areas by applying weather seals, draft excluders, and caulking strictly ensure that your heating stays inside your living spaces.

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