It is really concerning that the vast majority of Australians are citing rising energy bills as one of their key concerns.  We all know that energy prices are increasing at an astonishing rate.

Rod Sims, chair of the ACCC says “Electricity prices have nearly doubled on top of inflation in most parts of Australia over the last decade based on a variety of different factors”. Source

Choice Magazine state that electricity prices jumped by 20% for many householders from 1st July 2017.  Gas prices are also expected to increase sharply, along with restricted supply as well.  Source

It’s obvious that using less energy means we pay less in utility bills.  It’s a great way to save money.  But many people don’t want to shiver through winter or suffer through a sweltering summer by turning off their heating or cooling.

The good news is – we don’t have to.  For the vast majority of Australians, energy bills can be almost optional.  The reason we have high energy bills is a lack of knowledge and no easy action plan.  Many Australians do not realise they can affordably and steadily retrofit their homes to significantly reduce, and then even eliminate their energy bills.  Forever.

Of the total energy bill for the average Australian home, somewhere between 40% and 60% is generated from heating and cooling.  In more extreme climates, or particularly draughty homes, that percentage could be even higher.

By retrofitting a home for energy and thermal efficiency, the amount of heating and cooling needed for a home reduces significantly as a home is able to keep the conditioned air in the home for much, much longer.  So instead of running the heating and cooling all day just to keep you comfortable, after your home is retrofitted, you will be able to run those systems for much, much shorter time periods. Gone will be the days of having to run air conditioning 24×7 just to keep pace with the heat from outside.