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Renshade Roller Blinds

The blind that you see behind me is a Renshade chain pull blind. Renshade is this material that you see. It’s reflective on both sides, it’s got little holes in it, and it’s amazing at stopping the heat. In particular, it’s great for western facing windows, where you’ve got the blistering sun. Here it’s on the north side of our home because in full summer we can get a lot of heat coming in through these windows. We’ve made it into chain pull blinds so it could be pulled up and we can get the full benefit of the winter sun. These have been really, really good.

They did operate in conjunction with heavy line drapes and a box pelmet. Unfortunately, those drapes became, well worn, not helped by a couple of our dogs. So, the drapes have gone, which has left us only with the Renshade roller blinds. The next project in hand is actually to replace both of those window coverings with one. What we’re planning to do here is to take out these Renshade chain pull blinds and replace them with cellular blinds otherwise called honeycomb blinds as you might know them.

We’re hoping that those are going to perform most of the function of the Renshade in the summertime. I don’t think they’re going to be quite as good, but because here we’re at 500 metres of elevation, it’s more of a winter issue here, and the cellular blinds should perform quite well in that respect.

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Protect your rooms from the harsh glare and extreme heat during the day.

Renshade is your best ally in preventing heat from penetrating your living spaces! Renshade is available in five-metre rolls and works with any type of window, skylights, and some pergolas.

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