Double Hung / Sash Windows

The Cost-Effective Solution to Rattling Windows

Are you constantly annoyed by your shaky and noisy windows every time a vehicle drives past your house? Seal your rattly double-hung (sash) windows with ecoMaster’s Draught Dodgers to restore the peace and quiet in your home!

Acting both as an acoustic and draught seal, this high quality sealing solution helps stabilize your loose glass panes and block the air leaks around your windows.

This draught-proofing solution is used to stop the entry of draughts around the perimeter and centre join of double hung windows. No other system allows you to retrofit your own windows with architectural quality, and DIY solutions.

This kit includes:
Two (2) Draught Dodger mouldings of 2400mm long

One (1) Draught Dodger moulding of 1200mm long

  • Each moulding comes with a black brush seal and is 15mm wide x 10mm thick with self-adhesive strip to enable ease of installation

One (1) length of EMV seal to 1200mm long

Double Hang Sash Windows min EcoMaster
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