There are many ways you can save on your electricity bills, here are 24 simple ways. Some are daily or weekly, some are less frequent but all of them should result in lower energy costs.

The rising cost of living exacerbated by electricity bills increasing is making life very difficult for many people and you may be one of them, or know someone who is.


Here is a list of a number of actions you can take to help save on your electricity cost.  Some of these are little things that you can do every day that add up over time to make some difference, some on a weekly basis, on an irregular basis, and there are those that will save you money for the lifetime in your current home now.

Smaller daily and weekly differences add up over time to help make a difference.

The actions you need to carry out on an irregular basis are important and will make a difference over a longer period of time.

The actions you undertake NOW will make a huge difference (>50%) and will last for the lifetime you live in your home.

Actions That Can Make a Difference to your Electricity Bills

1 DailyTurn off lights when not in use;
2DailyUse your refrigerator properly – keep the door closed;
3DailyCook more than one dish in the oven at a time;
4DailyTurn off the heat a few minutes before you finish cooking your food;
5DailyMatch the burner size with the pot size and cook with the lid on;
6DailyWash your clothes at a lower temperature or in cold water. For some, this may be daily or less frequently;
7DailyOnly run a full load of dishes and clothes at a time.  For some, this may be daily or less frequently;
8DailyRun the dishwasher and the washing machine during off-peak times.  The frequency will depend on your needs and what energy sources you use;
9DailyAir dry clothes when you can.
10DailyUse smart power strips/boards;
11DailyUnplug unused electronic devices;
12DailyEnsure your flick mixer is set fully in the cold position if you just want cold water;
13WeeklyKeep your fridge full and well organised. Plastic bottles with water make good thermal mass to help your fridge operate at optimal capacity;
14WeeklyMonitor your usage with a smart monitor (free from some State Governments);
153 MonthlyCheck your refrigerator seal to make sure it is fully functioning;
16YearlyCompare energy packages with different providers to make sure you are getting the best package;
17When neededReplace old appliances with the highest energy efficiency you can;
18NowMake sure all your lights are energy efficient;
19NowDraught proof your doors and windows with ecoMaster Draught Dodgers;
20NowFill gaps and cracks between floor boards, around windows and doors and anywhere else air is passing through;
21NowMake sure you have good quality insulation that has been well installed in your ceiling and there is adequate coverage;
22NowIf your house is on stumps and you have a wooden floor make sure you have good insulation underneath your floor;
23NowecoGlaze secondary glaze your single glazed windows.  If your windows are not suitable for secondary glazing use heavy drapes with an Invisible Pelmet;
24When you canInstall Solar Panels and consider battery storage.

Put an energy efficiency plan in place now and start saving significantly on your electricity bills.


People Also Ask:

⇒ 5 Novel Ways to Reduce your Electricity Bill with No Cost

  1. Make sure your energy bill is based on “actual” not “estimate”;
  2. Clean the filters on your reverse cycle air conditioner;
  3. If your fridge / freezer is not full, fill them with water bottles;
  4. Get an Energy Monitor installed (free from State Government); 
  5. Instead of working teenagers / young adults paying board, make them responsible for the energy bill.  It’s amazing how efficient they become – overnight!

What’s Next?

We hope this article has helped you learn how to use simple ways to save on your utility bill. This in turn will help you on your energy and thermal efficiency retrofit journey to make your home more comfortable all year round, and reduce your costs and carbon emissions.   

Next, explore some easy ways to Permanently Slash Your Utility Bills.

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