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Sealing Up Heating Outlets

About a year after we stopped using the central heating system, we decided to have a go at blocking up the outlets.
What you see here, is a typical ceiling outlet of a heating system. You might see a silvery part inside, or if I open these
louvres, we can see inside.

We got a piece of polyester insulation and pushed it just up into the ducting. Then we cut a piece of Foilboard and pushed it in nice and airtight and put the louvres back on. Normally the louvres are closed. But the point of doing this was that it made a massive difference because the heating system is a closed-loop. It wasn’t really draughty, but any heating in the room was drifting up into the ducting. The ducting is insulated a tiny bit, but not as insulated as a ceiling should be. A lot of heat loss occurs in the ducting. The air in the ducting then cools and comes down, so it was a continuous cooling cycle in the wintertime. Sealing up the vents made a surprising amount of difference.

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Say Goodbye to Heating Vents

Boost your thermal protection, applying an all-home draft-proofing system on your doors, windows and architraves. But you may also want to decommission those unused heating vents so they dont become draughty!

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