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Nobody likes having spiders and creepy crawlies in the home, but what if they held the key to turning your cold and draughty home into a warm, cosy, bug-free haven?

When it comes to creepy crawlies, there are three types of people in this world: the squealer, the grin-and-bare-it, and the hero. But whichever profile you fit, nobody likes creepy crawlies in their living space… until you realise what you can learn from them.

Here are three things spiders reveal about your cold and draughty home:

1. Slipping in the Service Door

Draught is invisible, but spiders are not! If you’ve got insects of any kind, you’ve got draughts. Creepy crawlies don’t politely enter via the front door, they’ll sneak their way in wherever they please. They can enter through the tiniest cracks and crevices on your doors, windows, walls, and air vents. They can sneak in through your chimneys, too.

And remember, you can spray them or carry them outside but they’ll always return until you plug up their entry point/s once and for all.

2. Going For a Grub

Your spider friends are smart, and they’re hungry. These expert booby-trappers are spinning their webs very strategically around their insect prey’s entry points to capture them as they come into your home.

Think about where the spider webs keep coming up in your home and read between the lines – if this is a source of bugs, it’s also a source of draught.

3. Cobwebs or Clues?

Don’t clear away the cobwebs yet, they’ve got something to tell you. Draught is uncontrolled ventilation in your home. Sometimes you feel a direct breeze from an obvious source, like under a door or around a window, but other draughts are subtle and not as easy to detect.

These may be tiny sources of draught we’re talking about, but they can make a big impact on your comfort and your heating bills! Spider silk is very light, light enough to move in a tiny breeze and reveal those tiny sources of draught that you couldn’t detect otherwise.

The Solution

Fix your draughts and you’ll fix your creepy crawly problem, too!

There are heaps of draught proofing solutions around, some excellent, and some fairly ordinary. Don’t waste your time and money on solutions that aren’t going to last.

Avoid sticky foam seals around doors and don’t even bother with grandma’s door snake.

ecoMaster has a wide range of durable and high-quality door and window seals that you can install on your own or with the help of our skilled installers. These expert solutions create a tight seal around your doors and windows to securely prevent the entry of draughts and insects into your living space.

And to make sure that you are addressing the problem using the right approach, seek professional advice and make a draught proofing plan that’s tailored to your home. That way, you can treat your whole home and feel the real benefits of a properly draught proofed home.

Are you Getting the Whole Picture of Your Home?

But remember, draught isn’t the only thing influencing your home’s thermal comfort.

home draught proofing blue circle lge EcoMaster home secondary double glazing blue EcoMaster home ceiling insulation blue EcoMaster home underfloor insulation blue EcoMaster home wall insulation blue EcoMaster

Your home is a system with many factors that determine how energy is used, or potentially wasted, when trying to keep it at a comfortable temperature.

ecoMaster’s unique whole-of-home approach ensures that all aspects of your home’s thermal comfort are considered. Our retrofit expertise spans: professional draught proofing, ceiling, underfloor and wall insulation; and secondary glazing, which is double glazing for existing windows.

When you begin your journey with an ecoHome Assessment, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a prioritised home retrofit plan tailored specifically to your home and lifestyle.

For queries, call ecoMaster on 1300 326 627.

Choose the right fit for your home!