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Installing ecoGlaze Retrofit Double Glazing

One of the things that were paramount in improving the overall thermal performance of this home was to do something with the glazing. Because it’s such a big place, it’s got so much glass, and especially here in the living room, it was really where we had to do something. Way back when we started looking at this, we got some pricing for replacement double glazing and it was just astronomical. We just weren’t going to devote that amount of resources and also trash perfectly good joinery and glass. That’s where the idea for ecoGlaze (secondary glazing) came from – how to figure out what we can do to make existing glazing effectively double-glazed.

In this home, there are lots of experiments along those lines as we were developing ideas, and they still kind of
work, and I’m glad we didn’t go with some of them, but eventually we developed ecoGlaze.

Behind me, now you can see the real McCoy. We kept the living room in reserve to install the actual product that we
could supply to everybody, which is ecoGlaze. I think it looks especially great when it’s colour-matched with the existing.

The advantage of fitting this on existing windows with ecoGlaze, is the cost and less material going to waste. We’re still using the same joinery, it’s still just as good as it was all those years ago and we’ve kept it and just added the ecoGlaze components. It’s really made a massive difference to the overall thermal performance of our home at a very reasonable cost. So, that’s it. That’s how ecoGlaze came about, and here it is.

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