Happy Birthday ecoMaster EcoMaster

We are delighted to be celebrating the founding anniversary of ecoMaster on the 13th of December!

From our first tentative steps wondering what two people could possibly do about global warming, to running an award-winning business with such fabulous client outcomes, to permanently reducing the carbon footprint of thousands of homes. It has been an amazing journey.

“We have learnt so much and helped so many families to have more comfortable homes while reducing their energy bills,”

says ecoMaster CEO Lyn Beinat.

“Thanks to our fantastic team, they make it a joy to come to work every day. We are looking forward to our next business milestone!”

A Brief History of ecoMaster’s Beginnings

Co-founded in 2004 by Lyn and Maurice Beinat, ecoMaster was one of the first Energy and Thermal Efficiency Retrofit businesses to emerge in Australia.

Over a decade and a half later, ecoMaster has firmly established itself as the leader in the industry, offering their ethical, quality, trusted assessment and retrofit service to thousands of people in want of a more sustainable home.

The company has built a solid reputation of being one of the best draught proofing solution providers and insulation installers in Melbourne and Victoria.

Through the years, ecoMaster made a dent in the energy efficiency industry when the company introduced a line of DIY and long-term draught proofing solutions. These include Draught Dodgers for doors and windows and the ecoGlaze Secondary Glazing System among others.

ecoMaster has received many awards for their ground-breaking work in energy efficiency. In 2009, ecoMaster CEO, Lyn Beinat, was awarded the prestigious HIA GreenSmart Professional of the Year,  in Parliament House, Canberra, for leadership and professionalism.

ecoMaster was the first green retrofit business in Australia to be awarded a national award from an industry peak body.

Using their own home as a test case, Lyn and Maurice Beinat have reduced their home’s energy consumption by a massive 84%. Their home, which was producing almost double the national average of greenhouse gas emissions is now a zero emission home that pays the family to live there. More comfort, less energy, all year round.

For a more detailed account of Lyn and Maurice’s personal journey to energy efficiency, read their story here.

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