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Finally the days a getting longer, the sun is out and we can take the heavy jumpers off! All great news, right? 

If it wasn’t for the one big downside that springs drags along. Pollen! For all those of us with allergies Spring quickly becomes a bit of a nightmare, really. A bit of warmth is suddenly not a great deal when it has to imply being sick.

Did you know that draught proofing your home may give you some relief though? Yeah, that’s right and I know that it sounds sus but bear with me! 

As you surely know, draught proofing means getting rid of air leakages from and into your home. Preventing the uncontrolled airflow into your home will also limit the amount of pollens getting in. That means that when your least favourite plants are blossoming, you can have a break from allergies and enjoy some peace if you have full control of ventilation and airflow in your home.

There you have it! Stopping draught can actually make the difference for your allergies… at least when you’re at home.

Hay Fever Season!!

That one sentence conjures up months of inescapable discomfort for so many.

Runny nose, itchy eyes, congestion and sneezing.

Today would have been Jean’s birthday.  Jean was my mum, and a chronic hay fever sufferer.  Every Spring she was completely incapacitated.  But later in life, she came to live with us.  It was such relief for her!!

Our home is the ecoMaster test home and has been thoroughly draught proofed. Jean was happy and healthy in Spring as long as she stayed inside.

Whilst that is still not ideal, at least she had relief from hay fever for most of the day – and all night!

If you can reduce the level of irritants (pollens, dust mites, grass seeds) in a home then the incidence and severity of hay fever symptoms can be reduced.  Effective draught proofing achieves exactly that.

My mum was the perfect test case to a happy Spring.  And yes, I understand a test case of one is not statically significant. smile

Comments from Lyn’s Mum, Jean about Draught Proofing.

“Ohh – this house is so good.  I don’t need to take my hay fever tablets until I want to go out. 

I don’t have to sit by a box of tissues all day.

That Maurice…
he is so clever …
fancy him thinking of this.”

Jean and little Lyn EcoMaster

Jean and little Lyn

Jean loved living in a draught proofed home because it reduced her hay fever. 
She was also happy that she did not need extra blankets on the bed at night in winter, and the house was cool in summer.
The deal we made when Mum came to live with us was that she never cooked dinner ever again and I never needed to wash up. 

The whole family was relieved with that arrangement as she was a shocking cook!
Happy birthday Mum. xxx  

Why does draught proofing reduce the symptoms of hay fever?
The allergens that generally cause hay fever are all around us outside. They are more pronounced in Spring.

By draught proofing homes we are better able to stop those allergens from entering our homes. It provides a home environment that is much lower in allergen concentration than outside.
Homes that have not been draught proofed have accumulated air leakage that equates to having a permanently open window of one square metre. That is a one metre by one metre window open all the time.
Quality draught proofing eliminates those gaps, reducing the number of allergen particles in your home, and your reaction to them.
A great product to start your draught proofing adventure against allergies is the Front and Back Door Kit.
This bundle kit is ideal for sealing the draughts coming in from your external doors and it is the perfect start for stopping pollen, smoke and pollution from getting in your home!
Draught proofing has many more benefits for your home such as greater comfort, lower utility bill expences and a greener footprint. Keep browsing our website to know more about it, or contact us to know more!


What’s Next?

We hope this article has helped you learn how to draught proof your home and have a break from your allergies. This will also help you on your energy and thermal efficiency retrofit journey to make your home more comfortable all year round, and reduce your costs and carbon emissions.

Next, explore How to Install a Centre Seal on a French Door.

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