How To Speed Up Composting Process Using Compost It EcoMaster

Did you know that up to 40% of the average household garbage bin is made up of food?

Composting at home is a great alternative to sending your food scraps to landfill, it’s better for our planet and it makes really nutritious mulch for our gardens.

Now let’s be realistic, composting can be time-consuming. Not all of us have time to be outside turning compost over.

But what if there was a product that would speed up the process in your kitchen before your scraps even make it to your main receptacle?

Here’s a tip to successful composting:

Here’s the Secret to Successful Composting:

Compost-It is a compost accelerator made by an Australian company called Biomaster.

If you’re like us and need a little help when it comes to successful composting at home, this is a great product to start the breakdown process while your compost builds up in your kitchen, by the time you transfer it to your main receptacle, it’s already partially broken down.

All you do is sprinkle the Compost-It into your kitchen compost tub as it fills up, and it’s perfect to use directly in your compost heap, tumbler or any other type of compost bin.

What we like most about this is that it comes in this resealable spout-pouch, which means it can live under the kitchen sink, tidy and contained ready for your compost to build up again.

Compost-It is available for purchase via the ecoMaster Store, and would be a fabulous gift for the gardener in your family.

Compost It Biomaster ecoMaster v1 300x300 1 EcoMaster


Compost-It (100g Resealable Spout Pouch)


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