DIY Projects Top and Bottom Parts of the House EcoMaster

Insulating the Top and Bottom Parts of the House

One of the things that we did really early on was to improve the ceiling insulation. Some years later, we did underfloor insulation as well. So basically did improvements on the top and bottom of our home.

Now, before we look at those in detail, let’s talk a little bit about the structure of this home because there are some things that are a little unusual and not found in many other homes. So although we’re in a cathedral ceiling here, the cathedral ceiling is not actually the roof as is normally the case. So that cathedral ceiling is a structure within the greater roof, and so there is actually crawl space above the cathedral ceiling.

The other thing is that although we’re on a concrete slab, the concrete slab is on stumps. So there is crawl space underneath the slab. So those two things are really unusual features that you don’t normally find in homes but have enabled us to insulate under the slab and actually over the cathedral ceiling, as well.

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