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Panel LED, Painted Ceiling & Solarventi Outlet

Sometimes things are done for aesthetic reasons and others are done for energy reasons. So above us, we’ve got these LED panels which we use to replace the previous energy-intensive lighting.

When these panels came, they were a really harsh daylight colour and there were a lot of complaints. So rather than replace the panels, we got a roll of change to orange film. It’s a translucent film that’s actually used in the photographic industry. We pulled the panels apart and we put the film in it. It’s transformed what was a really harsh light into quite a mellow, yellow light, and there was peace.

In conjunction with this, we got rid of a lot of “brown”. So the cathedral ceiling above me, as so many cathedral ceilings are, were just clear finished timber, so it was brown, brown, brown. The wall behind me also was a brown feature brick wall. We also have brown slate on the floor. It’s a typical 1980s arrangement. So we painted the ceiling white and we plastered and painted the wall.

While that’s changed the aesthetic quite a bit, it’s has also improved the light quality in the whole room. We are really
pleased with the results.

On the back wall here, there is also an old heating outlet on the wall. It’s no longer a heating outlet because we discontinued the heating system, but we have made use of it to be the actual port that brings in the warm air from the Solarventi.

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