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See Your Energy Use Clearly

by | Aug 12, 2020 | Energy Efficiency, Thermal Efficiency, Utility Bills

There are a few different ways of making energy usage in the home more visible. In order to find out what is using all the power in our homes, how much power we are using and how much solar feeding we are doing.

The first option is having an in-home display that sits, for example, on your kitchen bench that you can glance at and find out all kinds of great information. There are two types.

The first is one that connects directly to your smart metre wirelessly. At the moment it is unavailable in this country.

Thesecondtypeisatwo-part device. This display comes with a transmitter that is placed around the main power cable that brings power to your home and a receiver that displays information. Whilst this has a few disadvantages like needing batteries and an electrician to install it. But the advantage is that it’s going to work on any type of meter that you’ve got.

If you have a “Smart Meter” you have access to a free online portal provided by your energy distributor (or retailer depending upon your location). That portal has all of this information about your home’s consumption of electricity.

Another way to track your usage is by appliance, by a smart plug which will allow you to control the times an appliance is used and how much energy is being used.

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