Your front door is the first impression your visitors have of you and your home.

If you love your home and how it looks chances are you pay attention to the aesthetics of your front door, or you may want to create a stunning entranceway, be a stand out in your street, and welcoming for your visitors. 

The entrance door is usually the first thing people notice when they visit your home.  Not only does a nice-looking entrance door help you create a great first impression, but it also serves several practical purposes. 

You have the style of door and the colour you want, potentially a security screen and maybe good lighting around the door for easy access in the evening. 

Your front door is the first impression min EcoMaster

Your beautiful front door is a representation of what your visitors can expect to find when they enter your home – warm and inviting, a country feel, elegance and sophistication, great style or something else.

An entrance door is much more than just an aesthetic feature. All the functionality of an entrance door needs to be ticked off e.g. it needs to be strong and sturdy to withstand all types of weather conditions heavy rain, storms, strong winds, frosts and snow, high temperatures, dust and smoke.  It also needs to keep you safe and secure from unwanted intruders.  Your door locking system needs to provide that extra security making it impossible for people to break into your home without breaking down your door.

Then of course there are the few times you might leave your home, pull the door shut, and the keys are inside.  Consider installing a key lock system in your front porch so only you will always have access to your spare set of keys.

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Door seals also known as draught proofing make a remarkable difference to a number of elements in your home, e .g.

  • Door seals stop the cold air entering your home and the warm air leaving in winter.  You save a lot on energy costs and you will be so much warmer. 
  • Door seals stop the hot air entering your home and the cool air leaving in summer.  Your energy bills will be much lower and you will be much cooler. 
  • High quality seals make it harder for bugs, insects and other creepy crawlies to enter your home.  You and your home are much healthier.
  • They help to minimise the entry of dust, smoke, pollens and other pollutants reducing the risk of  health problems.
  • They help to block out noise from outside, particularly great if you are living in a high traffic, noisy area.  You feel much more comfortable.

High quality doors seals such as ecoMaster’s almost invisible Draught Dodgers around the perimeter of your door will really make the difference.  Draught Dodgers are one of the newest and most acclaimed solutions for sealing the sides and top of your door.  Unlike most other door seals, Draught Dodgers are not crushed in the door each time it is closed.  This means that your door will operate with ease and you will never need to replace the Draught Dodgers.

Doors have 4 sides and all sides of your beautiful door need to be sealed.  Draught Dodgers for Doors are most effective with a good quality seal on the bottom of the door, a ‘Draught Excluder.’ It is the key to finishing off a beautiful energy efficient door. 

There is a wide range available for meeting different needs such as:

  • Door Draught Excluder RP3 is the most popular Draught Excluder and suits most doors.
  • If you have prams, walkers or wheelchairs then use the RP35 for easiest access. 
  • You may want to apply a draught excluder to your security door so that you can safely leave your main entrance door open for extra ventilation avoiding the risks of insects, lizards, snakes etc. entering.  The Draught Excluder RP5 for the bottom of security doors is perfect.
Draught Excluder min EcoMaster
A Draught Excluder is the key to finishing off a beautiful energy efficient door.

Find out much more about Draughts and Door Seals here

Premium quality specialised draught seals around your entrance door will help conserve energy by ensuring that any warmth generated by heaters or air conditioning stays inside during winter, and in summer your cool air will stay inside.  This not only helps you save money on your heating bills but is much kinder on the environment too.

Premium quality, specialised draught seals conserve your energy usage and costs
Premium quality, specialised draught seals conserve your energy usage and costs

Your visitors will definitely be envious of your style, your energy efficient knowledge as well as your commitment to your thermal comfort. 

You can make your entrance door energy efficient and beautiful so that it performs well, saves on energy, helps the environment and adds real value to your home for years and years to come.   An energy efficient door is a beautiful door.

People Also Ask:

⇒ What makes a door energy efficient?

An energy efficient door is a high-performance, insulated door, retains a home’s heating and cooling by reducing draughts, smoke, pollen, insects and dust. The most energy efficient material for your front door will be material that conducts less heat and cold between outside weather conditions and your cosy home.  In Australia, materials such as UPVC and solid timber are better than hollow core, aluminium, or glass doors.  High-quality doors may also have a multi-point locking system which provides enhanced security and energy efficiency.   

If you already have a good quality, secure front door, then fitting that door with a perimeter seal (for the sides and top of the door) as well as a door bottom seal will make your existing door more energy efficient. 

⇒ What are the best energy efficient front doors? 

A door can be made more energy efficient in two ways:  

1) Replacing the door with a high-performance, insulated door. These doors are designed to reduce air and thermal leaks which helps keep conditioned air in and outside air out. An energy-efficient door may also include multiple panes of glass filled with an inert gas such as argon. This helps to create a better insulating barrier than a single glazed door and will help maintain the temperature in your home. 

2) Keeping your current door and adding a perimeter seal and door bottom seal to reduce draughts, dust, pollen, smoke and insects.  This is a much more cost effective approach that reduces landfill,  minimises the amount of disruption to your home as well as coordination with tradespeople. 

What’s Next?

We hope this article has helped you learn how to use simple ways to save on your utility bill. This in turn will help you on your energy and thermal efficiency retrofit journey to make your home more comfortable all year round, and reduce your costs and carbon emissions.   

Next, explore 3 Home Retrofit Ideas That Will Save You Thousands.

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