Baby it’s Cold Inside

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This winter has been a real chilly one, hasn’t it? Everywhere I turn, people are telling me

stories about how they’ve never felt this cold before. Take my friend who moved to Brisbane a decade ago and she swears she’s never experienced such a bone-chilling winter in the usually sunny city. Even folks in Sydney are shivering more than usual this year.

And let me tell you about my buddy Harry in Bathurst. He’s practically glued to his wood-burning fire, claiming that moving around his home is just not an option when the rest of the house feels like an icebox.  Then there’s Joseph in Canberra – poor guy! Supposedly having double-glazed windows in rooms with very high ceilings, his house struggles to go beyond 14 degrees, even with the air conditioning running full tilt. It seems like the winter cold has touched everyone I know.

Are you feeling the freeze too? We here at ecoMaster have so many ways to help you

transform your home into a snug haven during these biting cold spells. One crucial aspect to

consider is home zoning – a technique that allows you to efficiently heat specific areas of

your home where you spend the most time, especially if you have air conditioning.

Let’s dive into the world of windows! Consider ecoGlazing to combat heat loss through those

tall, numerous fixed and awning windows akin to Joseph’s setup. By preventing warm air

from escaping, cold air from penetrating and eliminating condensation, you can create a

noticeable impact on your home’s thermal efficiency. Additionally, it’s essential to inspect the

draught proofing in key areas like doors, windows, bathrooms, and kitchens to seal off any

leaks and preserve valuable warmth within your home.

Now, let’s talk insulation – the unseen hero of a cosy abode. Whether you’re checking the

ceiling or the space beneath your wooden floors, ensuring proper insulation is crucial for

maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature. For instance, John from Newcastle,

discovered his ceiling insulation from two decades past had practically disappeared?  

Don’t let that be you!

In the grand scheme of things, the pursuit of warmth and comfort in the midst of winter

hinges upon the chilling reality of these hidden details lurking within your living space.

Allow us to guide you through this pathway and shield yourself from the icy grip that

threatens to invade your sanctuary. By tending to these crucial aspects, you can fortify your

abode and revel in its comfort, even as Winter’s frigid touch looms ominously at your door.

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What’s Next?

We hope this article has helped you learn how to use simple ways to save on your utility bill. This in turn will help you on your energy and thermal efficiency retrofit journey to make your home more comfortable all year round, and reduce your costs and carbon emissions.   

Next, explore How to seal floorboard gaps.

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Stay warm this winter,

don’t let the cold sneak in