Heat and glare can be a major problem for boats and caravans. You may not think that a simple blind or shade can really do much to help with either problem, but Renshade has the potential to be a game changer.

Renshade is an internal shading system designed to reduce heat load and unwanted glare from your boat or caravan.  The “340” after Renshade denotes its width: so it is 340mm wide, which is perfect for boats, yachts, caravans and skylights or windows in RVs.  

Renshades wider buddies: Renshade 1000 and Renshade 1350 are perfect for windows and pergolas, being 1000mm and 1350mm wide.

Renshade works by shielding the interior of your boat or caravan from the sun’s intense rays. Renshade effectively blocks up to 97% of the sun’s damaging UV radiation while also helping to block up to 86% of the heat that would otherwise enter into your space.

Renshade is a unique solution because it combines two key components of a shading system – superior glare control and remarkable light filtering – both help to reduce heat load and glare in your home. Glare control uses materials that reflect or absorb excess light from ambient sources such as sunlight. These components work together to offer maximum protection from sunlight without blocking out beneficial light. 

Renshade Reflective Foil – for Windows And Pergolas.

Great for your Boat and Caravan too!

Renshade is easy to install and doesn’t require complicated wiring or expensive construction materials like other shading systems often do. It can be easily cut to fit any size of window or skylight opening. There’s no need for custom fabrication services. 

It is simply cut with scissors and fixed to the inside of port holes, boat or caravan windows or skylights with velcro dots. Alternatively, you can create a frame that suits your needs and apply Renshade 340 to the frame.  It is easily removed and stored for future use when you want the warmth of the sun.  If you need a wider section, Renshade can be joined together with clear tape. 

Renshade 340 also offers improved energy efficiency compared to other shading solutions. Renshade provides enhanced thermal performance without adding weight or putting stress on structures. Its versatility makes it perfect for applications like caravans and boats.

Overall, Renshade is an effective choice when it comes to reducing both heat load and glare in your boat, caravan or RV. Its simple installation process makes it the ideal choice when you want filtered light along with great outdoor protection.  It’s simple, cost effective and easy to install ensuring you can enjoy your leisure time in comfort.

What’s Next?

We hope this article has helped you learn how to protect your Caravan or Boat from heat and glare.

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