ecoMaster Maurice Beinat showing their smoke alarm and insulated hot water pipes in their ceiling

Smoke Alarm and Insulated Hot Water Pipes

Firstly, we decided to put a smoke alarm up here because if there’s a fire that happens to get started in the roof, this is likely to warn us a long time before a smoke alarm in the house would do. The other thing is the hot water system here. We’ve got a low-pressure copper tank with 400 litres of very hot water. So, this hot water pipe here is pretty well insulated. And this is the return from the tubes on the roof.

Down below here, we’ve got the flow to the tubes on the roof. So it goes out that way to the tubes, and it comes back this way. So actually, I’m just going to test the difference in the temperature here. Pretty hot. Ouch, really hot. So, it is a sunny winter’s day outside. And so those evacuated tubes are definitely working fantastically well.

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