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Get Off The Gas… And Here’s How And Why

by | Aug 12, 2020 | Doors & Windows, Draughts, Insider Secrets

Whilst gas ducted systems are quite common systems for heating the home, there are two good reasons for moving to an all-electric home. The first reason is an environmental reason.

Gas is not a renewable energy source, and whilst it’s considered a kind of “clean transition fuel”, the significant emission associated with getting gas and the pipeline of gas are not. From this perspective, it is worth considering switching to all-electric home as that can be 100% renewable.

The second reason is purely from an economic standpoint. When comparing ducted gas heating and split system heat in a table: for 30 kilowatts outputs, you need 43 kilowatts of input. This means that it is only 70% efficient, at 154 megajoules per hour, and at 2.7 cent per megajoules means a cost of $4.17 an hour. Within this data, there is a 20% loss of heat in the ducts. Even new ducted heating systems that are 95% efficient will cost $3.07 using the same arithmetic.

In comparison, a split system with 350% efficiency is considered mediocre. A good split system should be upwards of 500% efficient. With this in mind, and with 350% efficiency, to produce an output of 24 kilowatts, you would need 9.9 kilowatts of input. This means 25 megajoules per hour, at 30c per kilowatt-hour is $2.06 an hour to produce the same output.

So for the same output, the gas would cost you $3.07 to $4.17 per hour versus electric which would cost $2.06 per hour. Every hour.

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