Protect Your Family, Pets and Community from Health Risks

In Australia, extreme heat waves can have severe consequences on human health, wildlife and
domestic animals, as well as put pressure on energy supplies. It is essential to take precautions
to avoid potential health risks associated with these conditions, such as heart attack or stroke.
You should also be prepared for upcoming heat waves by taking necessary measures to ensure
your family, animals and communities’ safety.

If you have any health concerns during a heatwave

contact Nurse-on-Call: 1300 606 024


  1. Start with your home as cool as possible
    each day
  2. Establish your ‘base’ in the coolest room of the house
  3. Close all doors
  4. Open your ‘base’ area to the cooler areas like the bathroom and laundry
  5. Keep windows and curtains closed
  6. Use curtain pelmets to prevent convection of heat
  7. Install Renshade solar reflective shading to the inside of windows
  8. Roll down outdoor blinds
  9. Hose down your exterior walls throughout the day
  10. Seal your doors and windows with ecoMaster Draught Dodgers to prevent hot air coming in and cold air going out.
  1. Drink lots of water, even before you feel thirsty
  2. Stay indoors
  3. Dress in loose fitting clothes
  4. Take cool showers during the day
  5. Have a well considered fire plan
  6. Keep cool by misting yourself with a spray bottle, consider water pistols for the kids
  7. Use hand-held fans
  8. Run air conditioning early to keep you cool
  9. Be prepared for extended power outages with torches, food and a full tank of fuel
  10. Tune into ABC 774 Radio for fire and weather warnings
  1. Provide cool water
  2. Plenty of dense shade
  3. Exercise early in the day before it gets too hot
  4. Keep water bowls full
  5. Dampen their bed
  6. Add a paddle pool or sprinkle them down with water depending on the water restrictions in your area
  1. Leave containers of water in shade
  2. Make sure they have plenty of shade
  3. Place a shallow dish with a few rocks in it for insects.
  4. Avoid disturbing them.
  5. Rescue any vulnerable babies if needed and reach out to a local wildlife helpline or your local vet.
  1. Strenuous exercise
  2. Outdoor activities
  3. Running the oven and other heat producing appliances
  4. Alcoholic drinks
  5. Sugary foods

Here is some heat wave wisdom from some of our senior citizens based in Bendigo, Victoria. They were wisely planning for the next summer’s heat waves at the end of winter.

People Also Ask

⇒ Is it better to have windows open or closed in heatwave? 

When it is really hot outside, the very best way to keep cool is to shade your windows so the sun does not hit the glass, keep your windows closed and draw your curtains.   Then when the sun goes down, and as long as the temperature outside is lower than inside, then open your windows and doors and allow air exchange. 

⇒ How do I stop the heat from getting under my door in a heatwave?

In a heat wave emergency, keep your doors closed; dampen down old bath towels or sheets and put them hard up against your door.  This will prevent hot breezes from blowing underneath your door.  Once the heat wave is over, investigate getting properly fitting draught excluders for the bottom of the door and perimeter seals for the sides and top of your doors. 

What’s Next?

We hope this article has helped you remember what to do during heat waves and emergencies related to the hot Australian summer.   

Next, explore some other ways to keep your house cool during heat waves: Beat The Heat: How To Be Naturally Cool in Summer.

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Look after yourself and reach out for those around you

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