Amazing Ways A Simple Invisible Pelmet Can Keep Your Home Warm EcoMaster

They may appear to be just ordinary strips of acrylic placed on top of curtain rails but invisible pelmets play a role so significant in maintaining the thermal efficiency of your windows.

Beside its great functionality, invisible pelmets are cheap, easy to customise according to your windows’ specifications and they are also absolutely DIY-friendly. Additionally, Invisible Pelmets will seamlessly blend into your home, regardless of your decorative style of choice in the most discrete way.

What do these structures do in sustaining thermal comfort in a home?

To understand the science behind their functions, you should picture invisible pelmets as working by providing an added layer of insulation to your windows by preventing heat loss and reducing the flow of cold air into a room. 

During the process of heat transfer where the heat inside a room normally goes up and comes in contact with the window, the pelmet acts as a guardian that blocks off further movement of heat before it can exit through the window.  Invisible Pelmets can reduce over 25% of heat loss from the window or door in the room they’re placed.

In simpler terms, when you heat your home, warm air rises.  As it reaches the ceiling, it spreads to the sides and starts to descend at the walls.  Where there are curtains without pelmets, your warm air sinks on the glass side of your curtains.  The cold from the glass chills your warm air which sinks to the floor.  This is why you will sometimes see curtains moving without an apparent draught.  

If you have pelmets in place, your warm air sinks on the curtain side of the windows.  This means that it is not in contact with the cold glass. We have heard homeowners saying that the temperature of the air at their floor level is 6 degrees warmer with pelmets than without.  

Invisible Pelmets EcoMaster

Invisible pelmets work pretty much the same as box pelmets. The downside of box pelmets, however, is that they look bulky, are often expensive, and don’t add much aesthetic appeal to the window that’s why homeowners shun them. Acrylic Invisible Pelmets eliminate that problem without losing its core function. A sleek design that will suit any home! 

The effectiveness of Invisible Pelmets is useful not only in winter, when you are trying to keep your home warm, but also in summer, when you’re trying to keep your rooms cool. The purpose of pelmets is, in fact, that reduce the air (and therefore temperature) exchange between the inside of your home and the outside temperature.

Window Convection Pelmets vs No Pelmets EcoMaster

ecoMaster’s Invisible Pelmets are designed to be fitted over curtain rails but cannot be fitted with drapes on curtain rods, unfortunately. These pelmets are architectural in quality, highly durable, and absolutely Australian made. What’s there not to love?


What’s Next?

We hope this article has helped you learn how to use simple ways to save on your utility bill. This in turn will help you on your energy and thermal efficiency retrofit journey to make your home more comfortable all year round, and reduce your costs and carbon emissions.  

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