The reason ecoMaster exists is to reduce carbon.

When we (Maurice and Lyn Beinat) reached our 40s we came to a pivotal decision point. Were we doing something we loved? Did it make a difference? Could we leave a legacy instead of just a will?

Maurice had always been a passionate environmentalist. Lyn came later to the realisation that global warming was happening now and not in a few hundred years. Discovering the immediacy of “global warming” in 2003 was a massive turning point.

What can two people do, in a practical sense, about global warming?

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Like all parents we wish the very best future for our children. We love this beautiful planet with so many fabulous places to explore.

We can see there is global warming. We believe that it is caused by human activity. We fervently believe it can be managed and ultimately reversed. Armchair activism wasn’t an option, nor was chaining ourselves to bulldozers. Unclear as to what we could do, we decided to be practical and retrofit our own home. We left our corporate lives behind. Not finding anyone who even understood what we were asking for, ecoMaster was born from that ground breaking original research.

We built a heat chamber and hired a cool room and started testing.  Recording results in 2 minute timing tests.  We started to understand over a 6 month period which products were effective and which were not. There is no doubt our results are first class.  Our solutions are effective and produce outstanding results.

As carbon reduction became politicised, we spoke more about comfort, cost savings and health.  Retrofitting homes to energy and thermal efficiency is something we CAN do about climate change.  So ecoMaster became carbon reduction by stealth.

Australian households generate at least one fifth of Australia’s carbon emission. More than 18 tonnes per household each year. It’s not ok for the next generation. We can help Australians onto the path of more comfortable homes with much lower energy bills. Many householders can eliminate their energy costs altogether! Clearly, the fewer fossil fuels that are used, the better for our environment. Nearly every home can be a zero carbon emission home. We now seek to share our knowledge and the groundbreaking product we have developed much more widely.