Understanding Thermal Efficiency and How You Can Start Your Journey To A Cosier Home EcoMaster

Thermal efficiency is a common area of concern shared among residents of decades-old homes in Australia. Due to the lack of thermal efficiency concepts, techniques, and technologies back in the day, these households still make use of traditional cooling and heating systems which unfortunately require too much energy leading to mounting energy bills but not necessarily improving comfort.

If you’re one of these homeowners and you’ve been battling with this for many years, know that there is a way out of that rut which is totally accessible, environment-friendly, and cost-effective.

And nope, we are not leaning towards recommending you to purchase a new home or move to more moderate climates to enjoy cosier temperatures!

Through years of research and the innovation, we have proven and tested that the key to sustaining comfortable temperatures amid wildly shifting weather conditions in Australia is a fool-proof home retrofit.

Thermal efficiency through home insulation: What is it?

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A reliable and effective insulation system provides all-out comfort by controlling the undue exchange of heat and cool with the outdoor temperatures, two factors that hugely impact the comfortable temperatures inside a home.

Hot and cold air gets in and out through any possible cracks and openings present in your house such as the gaps surrounding the doors, windows, through wall vents, and architraves among others. Heat can also enter and get trapped inside walls, ceiling, and floorboards.

A fool-proof insulation system is made possible by five types of insulations namely the double glazing (to seal off openings on the windows), draught proofing (to seal off gaps and openings on doors), underfloor insulation, ceiling insulation, and wall insulation.

This mechanism prevents you from relying too much on your home appliances to regulate indoor temperatures, thus bringing down your household energy consumption by as much as 85 percent (Maurice and Lyn Beinat did exactly that which eventually paved way for more innovations for home insulation. Find out how they did it here).

All-home insulation is an investment. Like any forms of investment, it will entail cost from the get-go. But we guarantee you that this retrofit plan will significantly increase the level of comfort in your home unlike any band-aid solutions you’ve tried before.

Planning your journey toward thermal efficiency

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Are you resolute about making your home cosier while lowering your energy bills in the process? The first step to this journey is to avail of a professional ecoHome energy assessment to be conducted by our team of professional assessors.

During this stage, the assessor will conduct a thorough analysis of your home’s insulation potential. Our trained assessor will evaluate the thermal performance of your home and then craft effective retrofit solutions tailor-fit to your home’s needs.

Our assessors may also provide expert recommendations regarding your home’s heating, cooling, and lighting mechanisms, window coverings, reflective coatings, solar electricity, and solar hot water among others.

Once the plan has been laid out, you may then choose to schedule the installation of your selected retrofit solutions. You may also take the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approach in implementing your retrofit plan.

You may decide to have the installment of the insulations immediately in one go or over time as your budget allows. However you plan to go about it, rest assured that we will guide and assist you throughout the process until you achieve the comfortable home you desire.