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‘Watt The…’ On Your Energy Bill!

by | Aug 6, 2020 | Energy Efficiency, Thermal Efficiency, Utility Bills

In order to kiss your energy bills goodbye:
Understand how much energy you’re using and exactly where it’s going
Think about possibly replacing the energy-hungry appliances
Consider fuel switching; if you’re using gas, the best gas furnace is 90% efficient; but common gas furnaces operate around 70% efficient. In comparison, split systems operate around 500% efficient, so switching to an all-electric home is a great way of improving efficiency
The next step is thermal efficiency. By improving the thermal efficiency of your home, you reduce the amount of energy you need to heat or cool and vastly improve indoor comfort. That is what ecoMaster specialises in
Then install solar panels. By this stage of the process, you’ve will have a good handle on how much solar panel capacity you actually need to offset your home’s energy use. With solar panels, you might also think about which direction you want the solar panels facing
Finally, store the excess solar energy into batteries.
In order to kiss your energy bills goodbye:
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