Guide to Draught Proofing Windows

Looking into Windows

Like doors, windows play an essential role in any home. More and more home owners are acknowledging the immense importance of windows and the overall look and feel they generate in their home.

We don’t always think of all the benefits windows provide us with, such as:

  1. Offer cross ventilation throughout your home and allow you to control that ventilation
  2. Bring natural light into your home
  3. Enjoy the view of the locality
  4. Prevent a home from looking gloomy
  5. Prevent a home from being stuffy
  6. Enhance the visual appeal of the home
  7. Increase the value of your home.
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Bedroom with double hung windows 

Window Problems – Air Leakage

Air leakage occurs when gaps and cracks start to appear around the frame of your windows, around the sealing and locking mechanisms, and from general aging.

This means you lose control of ventilation in your home. The higher the air leakage the more difficult it is to control the inside temperature of your home which results in high energy bills.

5 reasons why air leakage and controlling ventilation through windows matters:

  1. They are often the highest driver of energy loss – between 25% – 70% depending on the type of windows and their condition.
  2. Can be a major factor in draughts in both hot and cold temperatures.
  3. Can lead to moisture problems creating mold and mildew inside your home.
  4. Dust, smoke, and other air pollutants will enter, leading to poor quality, unhealthy air in your home. 
  5. An invitation for insects, rodents, and other pesties to enter your home again contributing to unhealthy conditions. 

AWNING WINDOWS – Where to Seal Wind Out or Push Out Windows

How to find window draughts – air leakage

To draught proof your home you firstly need to find the draughts or where the air is leaking in.

How to find draughts and air leakage around windows:

  • Look for obvious gaps – Visible light under and around the windows is a good clue
  • Feel for moving air –  Feel around the windows for cold air in the wintertime and hot air in the summertime 
  • Look for curtain movement – When the windows are closed and it’s a windy day look for the curtains moving – this will be a key indicator.
  • Listen for rattles or whistles – when it’s very windy listen for rattles and whistling around your windows
  • Listen for noise –  external noise entering your home can also a good indicator of windows that leak air (along with other weak building elements). 

How to work out which draught proofing solutions seal different types of windows?

Other Window Insulation Solutions

Invisible Pelmets

Invisible Pelmets are a great solution to minimise cold and hot air transfer from your windows.  Pelmets interrupt the normal convection current where warm air rises, goes to the edges of your room, and cools as it falls.  If that air travels passed cold windows, it cools much, much faster.   Invisible pelmets stop that “super cooling” of air as they prevent the air from sneaking between the window glass and your curtains.  Pelmets can be visually unappealing – so Invisible Pelmets improve the energy efficiency of your home without affecting the aesthetic appeal of your windows.


Renshade Reflective Foil

The secret to sweltering summer comfort.  

It’s the quickest, easiest, cheapest, and highest-performing product available for reducing summer heatAnd it’s not bad at reducing the heat leaving your home in winter either!

Renshade significantly reduces summer heat radiating through your windows and glass doors.  Renshade is also highly effective at diminishing the heat load being transmitted through your pergolas that are covered with clear Alsynite or Polycarbonate.  It is also perfect for caravans and boats.  You can put it up in summer to provide you with a cool haven during the scorching summers, then roll it up and put it away for winter.  Ready for next year! 


One of Australia’s greatest inventions for our Aussie climate

It’s a perforated aluminium material, that:

      • Allows the light through 
      • Allows you to still see your views 
      • Reduces radiant heat by 97%.

Renshade is one of the greatest products to help you survive a sweltering summer.  And its available today.

ecoGlaze (Secondary Glazing)

The ultimate in window insulation! 

ecoGlaze has very similar performance to double glazing but without the hefty price tag or inconvenience of replacing existing windows.  ecoGlaze is the ultimate insulation for many different types of TIMBER windows.

You can dramatically reduce heat transfer via your windows, keeping your winter warmth in and summer heat out by around 50%  What’s more, you’re not only cutting your energy bills but also minimising your impact on the environment.  That’s making a real difference.

Now available as a DIY solution!!
Professional installation of ecoGlaze is currently available in Victoria.


Call 1300 326 627 or visit for more information on this amazing product.

Review from Christine and Robin “It actually halved our winter heating bill, it came down from about $1,600 to $800.

So What is the Next Biggest ‘Hole’ in Your Home?

When you have blocked your chimney, dealt with vents and fans, draught stopped your doors, and draught proofed your windows, the next step is gap filling.

So, when you are ready to progress to the next step, here it is.