Draught Dodgers for Windows Why Do I Need Them for Winter EcoMaster

Do most of your rooms (bedrooms, lounge rooms, bath, and kitchen) become uncomfortably cold during winter? Are you becoming frustrated that your home just won’t get warm despite having a heating system on and running all the time?

Your leaky windows might be the culprits that are letting in cold air throughout the rooms in your house. While it’s true that a window’s primary function is to provide ventilation for enclosed spaces, a window with gaps, cracks, and loose frames causes uncontrollable air movement which in turn makes your home too cold during winter time (and too warm in summer).

You can rug up all you want or drink cups of warm chocolate to get you cosy but we know these are only quick fixes that won’t solve the problem at the source. On the other hand, replacing your windows isn’t a cost-effective solution unless you have oodles of cash!

A viable solution to control your ventilation is by draught proofing, that is, to install Draught Dodgers on your windows and doors. Draught Dodgers are a range of architectural perimeter seals designed to effectively and permanently eliminate air leaking in around windows and doors.

ecoMaster provides a set of Draught Dodgers specially made for Awning Windows which contains three (3) unique and self-adhesive mouldings. Each of them measures 15mm x 10mm thick and 2.4 meters long with high quality compressive seals fitted in each moulding.  There are alternatives for Double Hung Windows too!

Draught Dodgers Awning for Case Windows EcoMaster

Draught Dodgers provide an air-tight seal around the sides, top, and bottom of awning, double-hung, casement, push out, wind out, tilt out, and barn windows. Draught Dodgers work effectively without ever affecting your windows’ functionality. You can easily install them on your own.

Draught Dodgers Double Hung Windows Kit with EMV EcoMaster

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